'Souls RPG


Homecoming King and Queen of Souls
Bran Stormbringer and Palaydrian Soul

Best Partners in Crime
Skye Collins and Esmeralda Collins


Best Hero or Villain and their Sidekick
Judas Poer de Aika XIII and Octavius Poer de Angelo


Couple that Most Deserves a Happily Ever After
Jazper Rhiannon-Knight and Skye Collins


Biggest Flirt
Constantine von Troy

Biggest Brat
Osrath Eternity

Most Patriotic
Zalen Damaichu

Couldn't Flirt to Save Their Life
Nathaniel King

Biggest Breakdown
Messiah de le Poer

Most Likely to Drift into Space from their Over-Inflated Ego
Nivosus Moineau

Most Likely to Receive a Darwin Award
Octavius Poer de Angelo

Most Likely to Die Horribly
Lokr Revlis

Most Likely to Watch You Sleep

Biggest Mid-Life Crisis
Jazper Rhiannon-Knight

Most Likely To Never Leave Their Birthpack
Altair Amarok

Most Likely to Win the Game of Thrones
Salvia Eternity

Biggest Transformation
Altair Amarok

Favorite Character To Hate
Mistral de l'Or

Best Shoulder To Cry On
Ascher Stormbringer

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