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Cour des Miracles

It seems as though every year, a tragedy hits the Court. This year, Cour des Miracles experienced the loss of Queen Charlotte Haskel, the daughter of Vigilante, the previous King. It was a dark time and no trace of her remains could be found, leaving Silvano to rule the Court on his own. Two members were elevated to a higher standing to further assist the governing of the pack, though the loss of the Queen was still very keenly felt. Meghann officially stepped down from her role as leader. We will miss her!

Throughout the fall and winter, tensions arose between the Court and Inferni. While no full out war was declared, the two are on tenterhooks and the future seems unclear for the clan and pack. It is uncertain whether the conflict will die down or suddenly increase if one side snaps against the other.

On the positive side, Cour des Miracles continued its good relationship with Casa di Cavalieri during the fall festival as well as the large birthday celebration in June. Could there be more for the two packs since they seem to be so close and are often invited to one another's events? And this was the year that the Court turned five years old! It's starting to get a little crusty up in here.

This is also the year that CdM experienced an influx of new members and have been particularly active at the end of the year. There are good things on the horizon, and hopefully happier days.

Eugene Sadira

(Favorite Thread)

"Look like I've been beat by a girl."

Art by Kiriska

George Tibalt

(Favorite Thread)

Prepare yourself, mate, I got a pair o' fists and they got your face written across them.

Art by Nat

Harvey Butler

(Favorite Thread)

"An' no funny business. Ya know ya can tell me anyfink, right? I won't eveh judge ya... I wouldn't 'ave tha' right."

Art by Pablo

Linden Aatte

(Favorite Thread)

The end is important in all things.

Art by Mel

Mara Savoy

(Favorite Thread)

"The progress of rivers to the ocean is not so rapid as that of man to error." — Voltaire

Art by San

Pascal Sadira

(Favorite Thread)

In my fool hardy youth, when my friends were dreaming of heroic deeds in the realms of engineering and law, finance and national politics, I dreamt of becoming a librarian.

Art by Gen

Itou Rei

(Favorite Thread)

“That’s because you try to fix everything by slapping mud on everything”

Art by Kiri

Rio Marino

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Art by Kiri & Raze

Silvano Sadira

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Despite our losses, we continue on as we have before. We are the pillars of strength that hold the weak up.

Art by Gen

Skoll Haskel

(Favorite Thread)

When Silvano spoke his name, he stepped closer to the stage and stood as tall and strong as he could, even smiling his praise to the others promoted -- but his hair remained tangled, his hands stained with old red from cracked pawpads, and his green eyes hollow rather than glowing with pride at recognition after long last.


Ashes in his mouth.

Art by Raze

Tasha Takekuro

Art by Owl

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