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This year has been busy, but marvelous! I am glad to be back with my beloved Salsolans <3 I cannot wait to see what 2015 brings to the boards!!


This year marks me returning to Souls after a fairly large hiatus. Between University work and other stresses I've not been quite as active as I would like, but I'm slowly pulling that back and getting settled back into the craziness :D


2014 was my second year at 'Souls and the most wonderful to date, but I'm just getting started. <:


This year was a fantastic year. I had so many wonderful characters and threads, plus the growth of New Dawn has made me proud to be a leader. Being a part of all the wonderful threads everyone creates is just amazing. I can't wait for another great year.


Really awesome. Haha it's been the best year I've had in a long time I've made some aweosme new friends (raze, kite, norniff, jace, myst, sky, and a boatload more I can't think of all the names at one ;~; pls don't hate me if I for got you im sorry I has memory probs) and I've been in general just happyer. I hope this good vibe keeps going all next year to and the year after and the year after and so on. Souls forever ^^


Busy year, but the longest time I've been on any one roleplay site! Dedication! A fun year, some great advancement with Nadia and some interesting characters I've gotten to see. Here's to another year!


This year was an Interesting year :D


In a word? Crazy. I had to take a couple of breaks due to life being life but I am looking at next year with high hopes and big plans. Onward!



Rough year, but I got through it thanks to some awesome people like Raze, Sunny, Kitty, and Alaine <3

Katie H.

This year was so much fun! My characters got to grow and I can't wait to grow them some more in 2015!


This year was definitely interesting! I made a ton of new friends and it was full of new characters & awesome threads! Although I did fall off the bandwagon a bit during marching season, I am excited for another year packed with awesome threads, new members, even more characters, and awesome plots!


I blame Alli <3


After unsuccessfully joining 'Souls a first time, I must admit that sticking around this time has been incredibly rewarding. New friends and acquaintances have been made, intriguing threads enjoyed, and a plethora of characters creeped on. :D


WELL. I joined 'Souls, so that was pretty huge :D Looking forward to what the next year will bring!




This year was challenging but fun and rewarding! I am now 7/8ths done my first Bachelor degree, I have great friends and a wonderful partner. Thank you to everyone on Souls for the threads and laughs and particularly to those I chat to on aim to daily. You guys are the best.


This year I crawled out of my Wiki-lair and became a Moderator! :O Then real life kicked me in the teeth, but I'm still hanging in there despite my lack of free time. Next year, bring on the plots!


It's been a busy but amazing amazing year, starting to lead a pack and picking up several more characters!


Being a leader for two years now has been so great. I grow to love the community more and more as time passes. Love you guys!


It was.. A roller coaster of ups and downs. Really awful stuff happened, but some fantastic stuff happened, too. Like, life changing perfection sort of stuff. Great stuff. I also learned a lot about myself and who I am. ALSO, I felt welcome on 'Souls despite a couple godawful absences because of how cruddy I felt. I always felt like I'd be received with open arms upon my return. <333


This year was amazing and I adopted lots of characters and did all kinds of stuff, became a leader! Looking forward to another year of roleplaying, messing around, and creating characters!



'Souls RPG continues to be a source of inspiration, entertainment, comfort, and friendship to me. To all my friends here -- I couldn't go on without you. ♥


This year was nice as they all are on 'Souls! :D


Wow! I'm glad I got to know this community so much better, everyone here is amazing! :D


Though I'm quite new it was a great year. I adopted my first character, Austri, and am already enjoying her greatly.


I came back in December after a long absence, so all of the new changes came as quite a shock! Still, I'm just glad to be home on Souls again. Here's to a better new year, 2015!


2014 was awesome and exciting, and I'm super stoked to head into the new year with everyone! :)


It was a crazy year with plenty of ups and downs but filled with tons of community support.


2014 has been a fun year! I really enjoyed getting the loner plot in AniWaya in gear and I'm looking forward to further plots for all three of my characters! Here's to 2015! :)


Geeze. I turned 29. Ive been around on and off since 2004. Its been a good year. Not my best, but all in all, not my worst either. Here's to good plots and great friends! "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."


I've been away for a while, but I'm glad to be back. I missed this place, my day always feels weird without checking 'Souls first thing in the morning.


The year 2014 for me was not my best year activity-wise, however, many good and notable things did happen: I married the love of my life, I got myself a decent job, Kenna (briefly) became a subleader of Cercatori d'Arte alongside Esme and Skye, she, Myrrdin and Honrin's relationship finally took off full swing, she and her kids Oakley and Ty went on a trip overseas to Europe, and more! Despite the many hurdles I faced and had to overcome this year, overall it's been yet another fun, exciting and successful year for me playing at 'Souls. I look forward to many more years here with all my fantastic fellow 'Soulsters. <3

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