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Loners & Creatures

As always, 'Souls has had its share of Loners & Creatures this year -- from quirky outcasts and bright-eyed adventures to troubled souls looking for new families or just looking to be left alone. Whether they're quick to join a pack or intend to wander forever, we love our Loners! :D

Basil Butler

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

"Charmed, I'm sure."

Art by Pablo

Grace Revlis

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

“I was there yesterday, lovely bunch of canines as I recall, made me feel oh so welcome”

Art by Kiri

Jehan de l'Or

(Favorite Thread)

I ain't the son of the seventh son, black cats won't cross my path
Good luck comes I just watch it run and it sure does run out fast

Art by Kiri

Laufey Revlis

(Favorite Thread)

I've stepped in tons of shit! Mostly cause I never look where I'm going.

Art by Owl

Samael Lykoi

disciple of the cross and champion in the suffering
immerse yourself into the kingdom of redemption
pardon your mind through the chains of the divine
make way for the shepherd of fire

Art by Kiriska

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