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2014 Yearbook

A 'Souls coming of age

2014 was a fantastic year for 'Souls! The board turned THIRTEEN this year, meaning the youngest members allowed to join the board are now younger than the board itself! Crazy, right? Our community's continued to grow as new members join, old members return, and everyone gets to know each other and become more awesome. We've hit records for active members this year, had a number of packs disband only to have new packs start in their place. 2015 is sure to bring more amazing adventures. Who knows, maybe we'll even see a twelfth pack form??

Major IC Events
Major OOC Events
  • Several pack leaders meet together in the south for the first time, setting aside differences to discuss recent events. The absence of some pack leaders is either intentional or seen as a slight.
  • Cour des Miracles and Inferni have short-lived tensions, while AniWaya makes peace with its enemy, Anathema, with an alliance. Casa di Cavalieri and New Dawn, despite their distance, also form an alliance through the mateship of two of their members.
  • Sangi'lak disbands early in the year; after a short while, Krokar and Sapient form. Late in the year, Cercatori d'Arte disbands and many of its members go on to form Midnight Shores.
  • Many packs had events and happenings that are additionally detailed on their individual yearbook pages.
  • You can contribute to our overall 2014 event history on the Wiki!
  • 2014 saw two major changes to Puppy Procedures; namely, the 6-month membership requirement is now on a per-player basis instead of per-character, and litter requests are now to be made prior to pregnancy, rather than halfway into one
  • LASKY also saw some reorganization and rule updates with the aim to simplify the guidelines and make LASKY easier to use overall
  • After years of deliberation, the Leader's Handbook is publicised to general membership in April
  • OOC Interest Forums are introduced, and several are created, including ones about Healthy Living, Games, and Pets.
  • An NPC section is added to the Wiki!
  • The Moderator Intern position is abolished and the Maintenance Aide position is added!
  • Our IPB archive board went down early in the year, but was finally resurrected to working order in phpBB form in November
  • A variety of automated and otherwise helpful tools were added this year to aid staff, including auto Active & Auxiliary Character List, auto thread archival, and a nice form for Yearbook submission!
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