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2015 Yearbook

2015 Yearbook

Year in Review
A summary of 2015!

This year saw exciting disaster and conflict on the IC side of things, but the OOC side was comparatively quieter. Though we didn't grow as much as years previous, we maintained a steady, stable, and dedicated community of fantastic players and met our fourteenth birthday with the same vigor and awesome as we did our tenth. ;) This game is old, but we're still going strong!

Major IC Events
Major OOC Events
  • Heavy rainfall brings the Spring Flood to 'Souls!
  • Inferni and Cour des Miracles war, culminating in a final battle, the burning of the Kingdom's forest, and the exile of an Inferni traitor.
  • Anathema attacks New Dawn, which disbands and scatters. Some packs, like Vinátta, Casa di Cavalieri, and AniWaya shelter the homeless New Dawners.
  • Sapient hosts a ball that ends in a murder mystery!
  • Many packs had events and happenings that are additionally detailed on their individual yearbook pages.
  • You can contribute to our 2015 event history on the Wiki!
  • At long last, a Mobile Skin has been reintroduced to the board, making it easier for our many mobile users to browse the site!
  • LASKY saw its restrictions further loosened regarding canon threads.
  • The Character:Pack ratio was updated from 20:1 to 25:1.
  • Seven years after the fire, the Withered Realms have recovered enough to be available for pack claims.
  • Many staff changes happened this year, including the addition of Sunny to, and the departure of Sie from, the 'Souls Assemblage. Nine and Myst were added as mods, while Alli and Miyu stepped down to focus on leadership!
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