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2015 Yearbook

Casa di Cavalieri

Casa di Cavalieri 2015 has been an extremely busy year for the Cavaliers! We started of the year with a bang - or a ball rather. After years of friendship and shared values with the Court we finally formed an Alliance. Shortly after celebrating with our new allies the entirety of souls experienced a devastating flood. With the Fort flooded all Cavaliers, animals and all took refuge in the Courthouse walls leading to some members feeling claustrophobic while others bonded!

We thought that the worst was over but while cleaning up the mess left behind loner activity picked up and many trespassers were found. In the dead of night a group of luperci tested our defences and two of the infiltrators were caught. After much deliberation their fate was put to a vote and the pair was sentenced to death, but not before they could warn of more luperci to come. Thinking we were being pro-active we sent scouts to search for the gang's location but instead we were caught unaware by the gang at our gates. After fighting hard we were victorious, but Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, realizing his body was no longer strong enough to protect his pack, retired to Midnight Shores.

To mark the second half of the year we sent representatives to Sapient's diplomacy ball, hoping to start off on our best paw with the newer pack. Unfortunately the night ended in disarray when it was discovered that Lola had accidentally killed a member of the host pack. To make matters worse for Casa's diplomacy efforts Anathema destroyed New Dawn, admitting to the action when confronted by members of the Brotherhood. To help improve diplomacy in the later part of the year and to spread word of Anathema's actions Casa put forth a diplomacy initiative, visiting the other packs in an attempt to establish new friendships and mend some bridges burned in the Sapient ball. To end the year off Luca Knight was promoted to leadership and Alistair took on the title of Sole.

OOCly we ran a very successful puppy drive in August!

    Mateships this year:
  • Luca Knight X Lyris Stryder (July)
  • Sylvie Agnés X Lorenzo Knight (December)
  • Alistair Callow-Knight X Lola - Ended!
    Puppies Born in Casa:
  • Armani Catori (May)
  • Isobel (May)
  • Castiel Rhiannon, Kyrah Marino, Owen Knight (July)
  • Indi Knight + Teagan Stryder (August)

Thank you all for making this year so exciting and full of drama in Casa di Cavalieri, lets rock 2016!

Alistair Callow-Knight

(Favorite Thread)

"I'm Alistair, leader of the Cavaliers. And luckily for you, I'm not an 'ask questions later' sort of fellow."

Art by Bust by Kitty, background by sirius-sdz@deviantart.com

Grynn Knight

Art by Shade

Khyren Shakok

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"Tomarrow is another day, this isn't over yet..."

Art by the lovely Nat and edited by Mandi


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"Forever and always..."

Art by Nat

Luca Knight

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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. - Leo Tolstoy

Art by Kitty

Lyris Stryder

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"This is me keeping my promise, old man. For you."

Art by Dark (Shaamah)

Sylvie Agnès

Art by Raze

Teagan Stryder

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"Do you wanna go on an adventure?"

Art by Songbird

Tristan Callow-Knight

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"You could call it improvising, but I'd prefer to name it, the Mighty Tristan-style."

Art by Gen

Veyra Damaichu

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Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. Oprah Winfrey

Art by Nat


Art by Nat

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