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2015 Yearbook


Vinatta After last year's explosive growth, Vinátta's 2015 saw the pack finally settle into a quieter and more steady population. Last year's puppies matured into adults over the seasons, some of whom found their place advancing in the ranks, and others who chose to seek their fortunes elsewhere in the world. The Vikings bid farewell this year to several venerable packmates including Shiloh Dawnbringer, who moved to be with her family in Cour des Miracles, mated couple Niernan Stormbringer and Colibri Haki, who took their Stormbringer children to their ancestral home of Solbjorg Valley, and Ascher Stormbringer, who traveled abroad with his nomad daughter Bel.

The early months of 2015 were marked with suffering. A winter storm claimed the life of a new Vináttan, Aimée Rousseau, who left her young son Arno in mourning. Young Thyri Dawnbringer was held captive by a revenge-driven loner named Solas Justus, ultimately triggering her to shift early during her traumatic escape. Florina Soul fell gravely ill after helping their neighbors in New Dawn with an epidemic, nearly dying herself if not for the intervention of Kerrian Demos. A flood swept through the north, heavily damaging Amherst and Hallet's Cove, injuring the priestess Miskunn, and trapping cousins Izrian and Thyri in a sinkhole to be rescued by Orvar Stormbringer. During the confusion of the cleanup, an unsavory guest named Xiphos made an attempt to steal horses, leaving his old acquaintance Aspen injured in the process.

The later months brought peace to the Vikings, but nowhere else, it seemed: family ties and old allegiances were tested as tensions erupted between Inferni and Cour des Miracles, as well as Anathema and New Dawn. Vinátta opened its borders to shelter refugees from New Dawn's disbandment, accepting Xylia Napier as a new member. Palaydrian Soul spearheaded the treatment of the critically-wounded Amarok family, providing them housing while she nursed them to health. The old trade pact with Anathema was abolished at this time. The pack remained on good terms with most of their remaining neighbors, through diplomatic visits, Aspen's livestock programs, and trading.

The backbone of Vinátta has always been found through its interpersonal relationships. This year showed the friendly rivalry between cousins Thyri and Izrian extended to both jockeying for promotions in the Araedi tier, and holding the attention of male visitors from other packs, as they grew into adulthood. Sylven Firebringer bid a heartfelt farewell to his parents Palaydrian and Bran, and his many siblings, before his journey to Krokar and independence. Returning member Ezra Vahn and native-born Fiora vin Haki quickly rekindled the spark of a crush they once shared seasons ago. Kerrian Demos was not so lucky with Florina Soul, trying and failing repeatedly to thaw over the Sannindi's seemingly frozen heart. Aspen raised her daughters Ode and Shore into adulthood while waiting for Ascher's return, and now found support in her old packmate Moss Opera.

The new year will bring new bonds, strengthening some and breaking others, as life rolls inexorably onward in Vinátta.


Art by Requiem

Ezra Eli Vahn

(Favorite Thread)

” I can feel it in my bones that I belong here."

Art by Dark

Fionna Soulstorm

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

Art by Miyu

Florina Soul

(Favorite Thread)

"They are safer now under me, even if they fear me. That is my purpose here. To keep everyone safe, not to be liked. I cannot do both. I am not Saul or Zalen."

Art by Alaine

Izrian Firebringer

(Favorite Thread)

“Try it, and I’ll send an arrow through your throat, try praying to your demon then.”

Art by Nat

Leaf Darkfire

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Art by Mel

Lila Jordans

Art by Corie

Palaydrian Soul

(Favorite Thread)

"Every creature has it’s purpose..."

Art by Mel

Shore Stormbringer

Art by Kitty

Tayui Aston

(Favorite Thread)

"And I love Dr. King but violence might be necessary
'Cause when you live on MLK and it gets very scary
You might have to pull your AK, send one to the cemetery"

— Run the Jewels

Art by Kai

Thyri Dawnbringer

(Favorite Thread)

But Thyri believed she would be better -- a better warrior, a better guardian, a better Viking -- if she could face her fears and prove they were obsolete. He was gone and the mountain was just a mountain.
And if she found him... If she found him she would kill him.
She felt certain she would kill him.

Art by Nat

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