'Souls RPG
2015 Yearbook


Sapient Sapient completed their part of a commissioned trade deal that had been struck with Krokar back in 2014 just as floods struck the lands, delaying delivery of what was otherwise a successful transaction to begin the ground work of relations between these two northern packs. With water levels rising, those who resided within Bathurst at the time found themselves facing great difficulty travelling throughout the pack lands, for the rivers that dissect the pack lands and surround the main residential areas were quick to overflow. Thankfully, with quick thinking and preventative methods, Sapiens were relatively unaffected by the downpour.

Encouraged by this initial success of branching out to the packs, invites were set out to all other local packs, for the Sapiens intended to hold a grand ball. With the ball coming into play, relations with the secretive Salsola were ignited, their good will vital as things were quick to fall apart during the masquerade ball. Whether by design or accident, Lola, a member and diplomatic representative of Casa di Cavalier found herself responsible for the death of Desiderio Auditore, to which she quickly hid her involvement. Holding to the white flag of peace that they extended to all who had come, despite her actions, Sapient allowed the culprit to leave unharmed, although bad blood was thus created between the two packs.

Casa di Cavalieri was not the only pack to find themselves subject to Sapient's displeasure! After a one night stand between Nivosus Moineau and Snapdragon Lykoi, it was revealed that the Inferni member had stolen from Sapient. But that was not all; the coyote female was also pregnant with Nivosus's children, resulting in the birth of Valentina and Sybil, who later moved to join their father and live in Sapient. In addition to this litter, Diamid and Tierney had their second, bringing Dareios Ahearne and Kadir Ahearne into the Sapient ranks, with Akantha expecting her first litter come January!

With membership thriving and relations building between well with the northern packs, what fun will await Sapiens next year?!

Alessan Stormbringer

Art by Gen

Cillian Brádaigh

(Favorite Thread)

"Rian! Do not eat paper!"

Art by Alaine (Lokr Revlis)

Itō Miwa

(Favorite Thread)

Art by Dark

Kin Collins

(Favorite Thread)

"Tea sounds really lovely right about now. Don't suppose you could offer a fire to go with that, could you?"

Art by Kitty

Leonardo Auditore

(Favorite Thread)

“I must insist. It would be in poor taste for me to not return your kindness”

Art by Nina

Maximilian Barnet

(Favorite Thread)

"The eye of man hungry for more than his reality provides has over taken your own, you and I can go see what is eating at you."

Art by Kitty

Nikita Volkov

(Favorite Thread)

The sun hit the starboard and we were as free as we could be.

Art by San

Nivosus Moineau

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

“You're not getting the jacket back and it definitely looks better on me”

Art by Mel

Ryo Itou

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

"I prefer to speak through actions, not words."

Art by Alaine


(Favorite Thread)

"Pray the mad dog never find a cure to his illness, because he will rise sane in the wake of his past pursuits and find regret in what he has wrought,”

Art by Dark

Tierney Brádaigh

(Favorite Thread)

"If you fail, you'll be sleeping on the couch downstairs. In the communal rooms. For a week.... Try not to disappoint me"

Art by Kiri

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