'Souls RPG
2018 Yearbook

Loners & Creatures

Loners Loners this year saw a constant fluctuation in number as packs disbanded and members decided to remain together rather than go their separate ways. Where some chose to band together in Loner Groups though, others sought to walk alone; without loyalties, without allegiances, simply living and taking life one day at a time.

  • In Amherst, a family group of dog-dominate Luperci ran Biff's Bar, marking the establishment as a popular place for Loners and wandering pack members alike.
  • From the destruction of Anathema, two groups formed; their fighters forming a mercenary gang that the called themselves The Order, their witches and those entertained by the concept of magic into what was called The Circle of Ravenshadow. The Circle quickly dissolved, however, when Maelyx Nocturne abandoned it.
  • Thinking they could do better on their own, a group of Inferni's younger members formed The Cartel when the Clan was disbanded.
  • From the darkness spreading its tendrils from a far-off land, a religious group of Luperci who referred to themselves as The Eyes of Omni descended upon the land. This group razed Krokar when the pack would not convert.
  • And from the ashes of their destroyed home, a tight-knit family group of Cormier-Parhelions from Krokar stuck together to become The Shoal.

Adrianna Julia

She threw smiles at the strangers, resting at the bar, waiting for a good opportunity.

Art by Gen

Axelle Napier

Art by Nat & Raze

Ciprian Tenebriso

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

"If we are going to be neighbors you may as well be useful."

Art by Dark

Degaré Ravencroft

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

It was hard to imagine a world with justice when so much had been miscarried, but finally, finally, here was the proof he had been waiting for.

Art by Mel

Dystopia Massacre

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

Art by Jasmae @ FA

Eire Lykoi

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

Art by Nijipie @ dA

Esqueleto Zenon

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

"I ruin a devil's game, to me that is not bad thing."

Art by Nat

Evelyn Escuella

(Favorite Thread)

'Think you can scare us off so easy?' she thought, her bandaged fingers lifting once her ears were hidden and her face was shielded. 'Got another damn thing comin'.' Gripping her shawl, The Vicar stepped off their wagon and followed her companions.

Art by Despi | Texture by ibjennyjenny @ dA

Johnathan Winthrop

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

He took back his skin of 'shine and took several more chugs for good measure. The haziness that descended was welcomed, the careless apathy curling up inside him as a pet dog at his master's fire. "Fan-fuckin'-tastic." He took back up his smoke and jammed it home between his teeth, sucking the fumes deep and exhaling smoke. John was also terrible at small-talk these days. He just didn't give a damn enough to blather on about nothing.

Art by Sanba

Lock Key

(Favorite Thread)

Art by Despi

Lucia Amarok

(Favorite Thread)

She had never seen such a thing as he plucked at, but the sounds were coming from the wooden contraption and they happily matched the song she had been singing. She had been paused barely a handful of seconds before she took up the tone again, lips curving into a gleeful, joyous smile, "♫ And if I must suffer.. let me do so in sunshine. And if I must rejoice... bring to me the bright summer days. This is my wish, I have opened wide my eyes again. ♫" The woman's hands clasped together over her heart as the lyrics twisted their way over her lips. She was absorbed by the music, by the strumming notes that came from the man's.. creation.

Art by Kiri

Mateo Salcedo

(Favorite Thread)

"Look Naji, I have mussels."

Art by San

Rami Vaziri

Art by Kitty

Renaryn Covington

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

"As Above, So Below"

Art by Westy

Rosa Somnia

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

It was her duty as a priestess of sorts to warn those that did not know any better.

Art by Gen

Roxy Blackrust

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

Besides, she had an audience here. It was what she as an artist craved, more than the easy access to food and booze, added perks as they were.

Art by Mel

Skeleton Key

(Favorite Thread)

Tread light like broken glass, really I'm not my past

Art by Trophy

Talbot Kingsford

(Favorite Thread)

The man was a peculiar, vain creature.

Art by Mel

Yulian Lebedev

Art by Gen

Characters © Their Owners / 'Souls RPG © 'Souls Assemblage / Image from Larry Lamsa at Flickr