'Souls RPG
2018 Yearbook


The Dynamic Duo
Elphaba Revlis & O'Riley Eternity

Cutest Couple That Will Probably Never Meet
Galilee Haskel & Katinka Holt

Just Kiss!!
Kamari Kaiser & Krios Revlis

Thread That Had Us Rolling
Bang Bang All Over You (MATURE)

Thread That Had Us In The Fetal Position Bawling Our Eyes Out
Rhodes Lykoi's Death (MATURE)

Plot That Hit Us Like A Freight Train
The Disbandment of Inferni

Most Dysfunctional Family
Valentine-Lykoi-Ulrich Family

Life Could Have Been an Academy Award-winning Film
Milos Parhelion

Walking M-tag
Helena Troy Lykoi

Would Sell Your Soul to Satan for One Corn Chip
Helena Troy Lykoi

Most Likely to Spread a Rumor About Themselves
Elphaba Revlis

Helena Troy Lykoi

Most Satisfying Death
Mistral de l'Or

Most Likely to be Cursed
Neith Heiwa

Strongest Character Development
Cidro Amato de la Peña

Most Tragic Death
Ondine Heiwa

Tried Hard and Failed Harder
Vicira Tears

Biggest Ego in the Universe
Elphaba Revlis

Poor Unfortunate Soul
Andrew Winthrop

Most Likely to Die Single
Brocade Valentine

Characters © Their Owners / 'Souls RPG © 'Souls Assemblage / Image from Larry Lamsa at Flickr