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2018 Yearbook


Sapient In the aftermath of the Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict, Sapient saw peaceful times ahead. After experiencing a year full of conflict, Sapient sought to better their relations with others rather than continuously finding themselves on the receiving end of someone else's hatred or nefarious ways. They tri-hosted a Scavenger Hunt comprising of their ally, Krokar, and a pack with whom they had previously rocky relationship with, Inferni. With members co-mingling and striving for the rights to boast as winners -- or, perhaps, simply wanting to get the event over with sooner -- things were looking up for Sapient in their tentative start to trying to take on a more diplomatic way of doing things...in true Sapient style.

By February, plans had been made to start a new tradition. Spurred by the problems caused by the Breadcrumbs Drug Cartel Conflict, Domus Faber Asura Creo and Cessavi Colton Gray came up with the idea to do a large feast, using samples of every food item the pack had in storage. In theory, the sampling would help find food or alcohol that were tampered with in less lethal doses, and before they became a huge problem or left packmates vulnerable to poaching by devious cartel individuals. Food and drink looked to be the best way to a Sapien's heart, as the feast was a hit! The new tradition was named, Venenum Testis.

Come spring, Sapient sought to even further their sophisticated ways, and members were encouraged to write books and help the wealth of information the pack had in its library -- newly named the Mads Ibsen Memorial Library (no, Mads was not dead) -- grow even more so. Books on fighting, on certain skills sets, on livestock, medicines, and more Luperci-documented accounts were added to the library for future generations and new members' benefit.

Along with this, Sapient began a new diplomacy program, which took off in June with two envoy groups; one destined for the new pack, Mistfell Vale, the other, to better Sapeint's budding relationship with Inferni. Each were met with varying levels of accomplishment, as neither were turned away. Minor trades between the packs' members and the envoy groups were made and neither envoy party reported back with anything less than hopeful promises that things might continue to grow in their favor should the Sapiens try to pursue something more.

Summer came, and there had been no major conflicts, no crazy pranks or dares posted around the Estate, no mysterious illnesses, no giant stars falling from the sky, no miserable weather to make a muck of things. Things had been, generally, peaceful, but such an adjective had never been a synonym of Sapient. It had been too quiet within Sapient for too long.

Children of resident hoarder, Tierney Brádaigh, decided that enough was enough when they stumbled across their mother's mess of a room. They performed an intervention, and eventually agreed to the hasty decision to take their mother with them down to the pack’s Portland location, the University of New England, in an attempt to stop her from undermining their efforts to get rid of the piles and piles of various items that she had collected in secret in her room. Her belongings -- collected, pilfered, and bartered from all around -- were free to whoever happens upon them. In the midst of this clean up though, something peculiar -- a letter -- was dislodged from its long-forgotten resting place of many months. The yellowed, crinkled-edged, dirt-spotted letter was picked up by an individual, and a ball was set in motion.

Some time after the commotion of cleaning Tierney's room, Leonardo Auditore was found by his apprentice, Nieve Ortega, mysteriously strangled to death in his workshop in Oxley. Asura was called, and the young medic and blacksmith apprentice discovered a treasonous note hidden on Leonardo's person. Spurred by the contents of the aged letter, Asura howled for an emergency pack meeting, where it was revealed that Sagax Nivosus Moineau lied to the pack and falsely led them to believe that the Dark Horse Conflict was started by greedy, aggressive Loners rather than by a result of his own actions. The unexplained deaths that took place during the Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict, were brought up, some members wondering if it were possible that Nivosus had lied or tried to cover those up as well. Nivosus' very late arrival to the meeting only caused further suspicion, and he was immediately incarcerated by his own pack.

The pack dispersed for the evening, agreeing to come back the following morning when everyone's thoughts might be more clear for the grave decision they would be forced to make with the evidence that had been placed before them regarding their own leader. When they sought to bring Nivosus out to be questioned and to defend himself though, they found the Sagax gone, having escaped in the middle of the night before any formal judgement could be placed upon him. The pack hunted him down, but, it was to no avail, their leader had, effectively, abandoned them, and his running away only further brought question to his character and his actions. Sapient, now leaderless and without any wanting to take on the responsibility, found itself unofficially disbanding on its own. Members slowly dispersed over the following days and weeks until there were none left. Some sought a new home, others sought the pack's ex-Sagire, Ardoise Moineau, who still led the pack's Portland location, the University. When news reached the outpost of the Nova Scotia branch disbanding, so too did the Sapient members at the University disband.

By July 30th, Sapient was completely disbanded in both locations.

Argent de la Croix

Art by Nina

Asura Creo

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“Is that so?” It was clear from her tone that she had some doubts in his listed duties. “I hope your bartending and serving skills are better than your fighting and cleaning,” she chuckled playfully.

Art by Remarin @ dA

Naenia Ortega

Art by Kitty

Nieve Ortega

Art by Kireine @ dA

Skana Creo

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Art by San

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