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2018 Yearbook


You guys killed it this year with being so actively involved in plots and events both pack and board-wide, IC and OOC! Thanks for being awesome! Hopefully we can still keep you guys on your toes in 2019 ;)


Ughhh what a year! From mental health, to finishing high school, to finding my muse again— all I can say is that joining ‘Souls was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve never met such a sweet, talented, and active writing community. I can only hope it continues to prosper for years to come. I love each and every one of you, and I’m thrilled to know you’ll still be here with plenty of fresh plots and new characters for us all to enjoy come the new year. Thank you for all the support and good times you’ve given me, it’s something I’m not soon to forget <3


RIP 2018, you were a real rollercoaster! A big thanks to all my Salsolies who were patient, respectful, generous and kind to one another this year. Let's bring that energy with us into 2019!


This year was really awesome! I adopted an abandoned cat, got married, kept an active, adopted character on 'Souls all year (!), picked up a second character in November (!!!), and I'm living my best life! :D I will leave you with this quote: "but it hit me like a fast car moving toward a brightly-dressed working man at high speed"


Another amazing year in the books! This year brought about temporary characters and a penchant for murder. Brocade and Odalis both suffered a-lot this year - and that means that there is even more of their story left to write! Thank you to all of the amazing writers that make this community home! I am excited for all the plots that are sure to find us in the New Year.


Pain, happiness, loss, fear, laughs. I saw it all this year. Here's to the next one being better. I'm just glad to still be sticking around.


"What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me." ~ Helen Keller


It's been really fun meeting new people and joining such a welcoming community! I'm glad to be here!


It's been a very busy year for me! I've killed off two long-lived characters in dramatic and depressing ways, and played in varying loner groups since their debut. In real world news, I've been planning a wedding after getting engaged at the end of summer! I offer my thanks to everyone who has helped make the year great and continue to be my wonderful online friends! Shout out to my co-leader Rat - as always, you're indispensable! To my internet ex-wife, Raze, as always. To Song, who encourages my terrible ideas with her own. And of course love to everyone in the Court - we couldn't keep going without you all.


"The amazing adventures of Brean and Sub Boi!!!"


Glad to be back at 'Souls, surrounded by lovely people and their amazing characters! Here's hoping for more years to come!


Another busy year for Jmonster! Didn't think it could get any more stressful than it had been the previous year but way to prove me wrong, universe! Here's to 2018, and let's welcome 2019 with a bang by beating SSWM.



2018 has felt like a massive, 365-day lesson in self-improvement. Things were sacrificed, sweat was shed, and important decisions were made, but I'm physically and mentally healthier than I've been in a good long time. Here's to hoping it continues into 2019!


Stay cool, kids.


This was a great year for me in real life and in souls life. IC I brought in my new character Minerva, who is thriving in Casa, and have continued to lead the Cavaliers OOC I have been working consistently as a supply teacher and just found out I will be working full time as a music teacher until June in the new year!! Thank you to all my friends on souls and to my lovely Cavaliers for making Souls a great place to be :)


This was a busy year: my husband and I bought a house, I got my first tattoo, and most importantly, we got a PUPPY!


I had a blast this year at 'Souls, really getting back into the meat of RP. I've been able to identify why my previous character attempts had failed, and what it takes to spark my muse. I've enjoyed developing both Aldora and Baelish and look forward to another enjoyable year!


2018 was chock full of learning experiences and Moon Moon antics, and I loved every minute of it!


RL this year has been crazy and it's kept me quite slow on 'Souls - but I've really enjoyed the plots I've managed to take part in, especially L'Hiver de l'Or Terni and the Krokar Catastrophe!


I made some tough decisions this year -- I'll never forget you, Inferni! ♥ Hoping to go into 2019 with a fresh outlook and good energy!


This year was tumultuous, fun, stressful and busy!!


It's been a great year y'all! Here's to the next great year on Souls! Full. Rotisserie. Chicken.


Like any year, this one was filled with many ups and downs, but Souls was always there to help me through it and past it. This place will always feel like another family to me, and all of you are such amazing people to spend my time and creative outlet with. Here's to another wonderful year on Souls and an even greater future to come, not just to Souls, but to all of us who write on it as well!



This was probably the most active year I've had yet across my characters! So much happened in each of their lives; some were drawn out, others were a whirlwind! I also ended up with my main character being a Loner for the first time in a long time! Let's see what next year has in store for my crew!


2018 was wild but I made it through somehow!


2018 was by far my best RP year so far! I've been active, I've achieved things with my characters, someone actually dared trust me with responsibility! It's been fun and I'm looking forward to what 2019 has to offer!


It's been great being back at 'Souls after so long! I'm loving reconnecting with old faces and making friends with new ones. Here's to another year of memories and shenanigans! :D

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