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2017 Yearbook


KrokarA biting cold and wicked snow usher in another year for the fisherfolk of Krokar, putting to rest the tragedies, transgressions, and turmoil that seemed to endure the four seasons of 2017.

When their allies were attacked early in the year by a group of mercenaries, members of Krokar stood strong and brave alongside Sapient. The bittersweet victory resulted in the loss of one beloved Krokaran, Nikolas McCreery. Krokar members returned home to find that two expecting mothers had given birth: a pair of puppies born to Ailie Morgan, fathered by Finlay Cormier, and another pair born to Semini, fathered by Lokr Revlis of Salsola. Reluceo Vela, too, gave birth prior to the fighting to two children fathered by Leonardo Auditore of Sapient. While Krokar recovered from that conflict, a new adversary appeared: a sickness that ravaged the entirety of 'Souls territory. Much to everyone's relief in Krokar, the sickness was mild and the pack recovered without casualties.

At the beginning of summer news arrived from Vinátta that its leader was missing and they were disbanding. Krokar took in many of their animals because of the livestock breeding program between the packs. Many of Vinátta's members joined Krokar as well. With their numbers swelling, Captains Lucille and August decided that the time was nigh to expand the pack's territory and Krokar claimed land further to the north and west. After the stress and turmoil of winter, it seemed that peace and calm was finally settling over Krokar and its people began to breathe easy.

Ailie Morgan set off on a trade expedition with Bramble Parhelion in tow, eager to establish the pack as a fair and worthy trade power. Weeks turned into months and, near the end of summer, only Bramble returned. Ailie had been abducted and much of their traded goods lost. And, despite their best efforts, Ailie was never found. During late summer, two new Guppies were born to parents Iroquois and Sylven Firebringer, who later announced their mateship.

In order to strengthen their alliance with Sapient, leadership from both packs brought their respective people together for a late-summer beach party. A raft-building competition was held, good food was served, and much drink was consumed. After returning home, it became increasingly obvious something was not right. Some of Krokar's members had been ill ever since the party and some Sapiens were also sick. Many feared that the pestilence that had swept across the territories earlier in the year had returned. Mysteriously, it seemed only a select few were afflicted. Late in the autumn season, after trading several goods from a passing loner, a number of maps was discovered among the new items. Curious, many Krokarans followed these strange maps and many Krokarans returned.

But not all.

The body of Sapien Kalila Damaichu turned up on Krokar's borders and shortly after it was determined that Oscar Morelli, Thiago Vela, and Reluceo Vela, were missing from Krokar, and that members in Sapient were also missing after discovering maps of their own. Once again, Krokar and Sapient came together to search for their vanished numbers. Meanwhile, tragedy befell the Cormier-Parhelion family when Eliza gave birth to two stillborn pups. While the family mourned, Krokarans discovered that they were being kept in the Serpentine Mountains by a group of slave traders, and made compliant and weak with drugs. Another fierce fight commenced, resulting in the death of a Krokaran named Lilith Fairbreeze when she sacrificed herself to save her packmate, Malcolm. But their efforts, and the lives lost, were not in vain. Krokar and Sapient clinched victory against the drug-dealing slave traders and returned home with their missing members.

With Oscar returned safely home, Captain and founder of Krokar, August Cormier, announced his intention to lead a group to Old Ironsides, Krokar's trading depot stationed in Portland, and relinquish his role as leader. Long-time Krokaran, and former Navigator, Semini, too, announced that she would be leaving Krokar to sail the seas as captain of her very own ship.

After a treacherous year of tragedy and turmoil, it is Krokar's hope that 2018 will bring peace, quiet, and cheer.

Ailie Morgan

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Stripes, both of them. She hadn't noticed her daughter's at first, being so much darker with the brindling only on her tan points, but there they were: dark and stripy. A knot formed in her throat as she looked at Sylven. "Tell me ye hev striping in yer family," she half-demanded, half-pleaded. "Elsewise..." Did she really even have to say the words? Shame pinned back her ears. "Kin ye de one more thing fer me, Syl?" she asked softly, deeply embarrassed. "Kin ye find Finlay fer me?"

Art by Art: Nina | Texture: Kiplala @ dA

August Cormier

Art by Felidre @ DA


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He ran for the first time, and the feeling was so good that he decided he wanted to run his whole life.

Art by San


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"You are wise to keep your distance from an old woman," she said at last, a croaking laugh bubbling from her throat.

Art by Photo: Gaurika @ Flikr | Texture: Dadilights @ dA

Eliza Cormier

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"We’re stubborn, in case ya hadn’t noticed, and I’ll let ya in on somethin’: we lie. We lie t’other people, ‘n’ we lie t’ourselves, ‘n’ we avoid pain ‘n’ sometimes that means we avoid things that’d make us happy, too. Cos what’s worse than never havin’ somethin’? Losin’ somethin’."

Art by Rat


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She was not under any impression that life was a fairy tale where the prince would come to her rescue, because she had never needed to be rescued once in her life.

Art by San

Logan Cormier

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."

Art by Raze

Narcisse Perrin du Lac

Art by Almighty

Sebastien Stone

"These are my ducks, very fine birds they are too. They don't fly, mind you but they lay eggs, you know, like birds do."

Art by Finallycowboys

Sylven Firebringer

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"Yu’re not the girl of my dreams – yu’re the woman of my reality. I like that better."

Art by Rat

Elias Blueridge

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There was humored amusement in his voice as he watched Oscar go to town on the venison piece next like it had mauled something dear to him when it had once been alive.

Art by San

Elle Cormier

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Milos glanced from Narcisse to Elle and smiled, shaking his head. Elle laughed almost derisively. "Nah," he began, lifting his eyes away from the teen again. "She's Finlay Cormier's daughter. You'll meet 'im soon enough, I reckon." The teen rolled her eyes behind Milos' back. "He'll flirt with ye soon 'nough is what he means," she murmured darkly.

Art by Art: Rat | Texture: AnthonyPresley @ dA


Art by Raze

Finlay Cormier

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"That's one helluva trick."

Art by Rat


Art by Art: Mandi | Texture: DadiLights @ dA


Art by Kiri


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Malcolm felt embarrassment consume him and, though he knew it would be obvious if he did, he lifted one of his broad hands to his head and cupped the side of his face with his thumb and two of his fingers in a show of awkwardness. He thought of turning and running away, leaving Tarina to explain herself to Norah, but that wasn't who he was any more. So instead, he lowered his hand from his face and braced himself for an awkward exchange.

Art by Art: Raze | Texture: Yoruko @ dA

Milos Parhelion

Best Person to be Stranded on a Deserted Island With

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"But we can't force th' people we love do what we want. Reckon ev'ryone's free t' make their own choices, however much it can hurt." He thought of young Kodiak and of Chaska; he thought of Sorcha and of himself and Milos sighed. "We jus' gotta keep on livin' for 'em."

Art by Art: Raze | Texture: AnthonyPresley @ dA

Nellie Cormier

Art by Nat

Nikolas McCreery

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“Said the pot to the kettle,” the lab argued irritably as he mimicked her stance.

Art by Songbird

Norah Morelli

Art by Nina

Reluceo Vela

Art by Raze


Most Dramatic Romance (with Lokr Revlis)

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Semini was always meant to change. She was named for the promise of fruition, the miracle that was living at all. And in so doing, she learned that this was the truth of everyone. They were all but humble seeds in need of good soil, plenty of rain and sunlight before they could bloom.

Art by San

Thiago Vela

Art by Alaiaorax

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