'Souls RPG
2017 Yearbook


Vinátta Vinátta started the year with hardship when the House Blackbourne, murderers of former Vináttan Bel Tlu'gv, came looking for further revenge upon her pack and family for Bel's transgressions. Attacks on members at the borders lead young leader Izrian Firebringer to call the pack together to warn them of the trouble, and organize a scouting mission to find information about their new enemy. Before they can do anything further with the information, the House Blackbourne crosses the border and attacks, killing the beloved Miskunn. Several days later, Ascher Stormbringer leads a group of warriors to kill the Blackbournes.

Hardship continued in the spring as sickness swept through 'Souls after steady rain. It was indiscriminate, and not even Sannindi Izrian was immune. Still, she patrolled the borders, but ended up venturing out into the Neutral Territories in her delirium. Searches turned up no sign of her. Without their leader, high-ranking pack members make the tough decision to disband the pack.

Ascher Stormbringer

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

There was blood on copper fur and blue eyes pleading with him to make it all better. He had never managed to make it better.

Art by Rat / wildtextures.com


Art by San

Izrian Firebringer

Art by Nat

Lila Jordans

Art by Nat

Moss Opera

Art by Libri

Orvar Stormbringer

Art by Rat

Shore Stormbringer

Art by Nat

Tak Oreille

Art by Miyu

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