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2017 Yearbook


Wow! Another fun year thanks to all of our awesome players! We're excited to see what plots you all come up with next year!


What a hectic year 2017 has been! I have to thank all my many loves for another fantastic 12 months of sordid Salsolan stories. Special thanks to my sun and stars, I'm so lucky to be a leader with you now and always ❤ Bring it on, 2018! (no don't please be gentle)


Emotions were all over the place this year. My grades suffered, and I wasn't at my best, but I still made it into university. But most importantly, I continue to find sanctity in my writing as I get better! I find 'Souls to be so effortless to write for sometimes, and I think it's mostly because I know my characters here better than in my own stories. Looking back, my time here seems short. Still, I look forward to more time with all of you here on 'Souls. Thanks for the great year of writing everyone!


Another year, another adventure. Lots of ups and downs as always, but no complaints! Looking forward to next year~


It was a whirlwind of a year! From lots of IRL things (moving, new job), OOC things (moderator), and IC things, it's been a good time to be on 'souls! I celebrated my 8th solid year on the site this June.
Shoutout to my secret gay wife Raze, best leader mate Rat, and all the other awesome homedogs that run around 'Souls like the hot bombs you are. <3 <3 <3
"I'm not stressed, I'm aggressively amused" - Gen 2k17


I wasn't as active this year due to RL circumstances but despite this I still very much enjoyed Souls and I look forwards to next year!


Rough year in terms of creativity, not much time to create on my end. Hoping this next year will be easier on me.

John W. Frost

This year was a roller-coaster of emotion as each thread presented its own unique story that tied into a larger narrative. This narrative will continue to unfold in 2018 and I'm excited to see what happens.



The answer to everything is procrastination ♥♥ and coffee


This year was crazy! I popped on and off the site a lot, but had a lot of fun! Thanks for the memories guys!! ♥


2017 life was all beyond over the place, but 'Souls was always a reliable place of comfort to turn to. I love you all. <3


Suddenly incorporating an active social life into your daily routine means you don't have as much time to do as many mean things to your characters. :C I hope to learn how to balance both in 2018!. Wish me luck! <3


This year has been pretty awesome for me. I graduated, I moved in with my boyfriend, and I landed a job as a supply teacher. Thank you to everyone on souls for supporting me and being amazing.


(Fishies and ice cweam!) A relatively new leader to Anathema, attends college at Ohio University. Has been around for a few years, but has been a bit of a hermit till now. Still trying to come out of my shell bit by bit.



Can we just talk about how hard adulting is? I can't even.


Many illusionist acts, where I appear and reappear, before your very eyes! But fear not, I'm not going anywhere, I love this site and the community, you are all amazing! <3


I was so happy to make 2017 the first year in several that I was able to return to ‘Souls and stick around this time! After a few rocky years, I finally made ‘Souls my home base for creative writing, and I have been inspired to go back to college and chase the dream! Thank you to all of the old friends and the new who have been with me since my return to our little warped version of Nova Scotia. I have met many new “faces” this year and I treasure each and every relationship. Shout out to Shawchert for 19 ½ years of friendship! HOLLAAAA!!!


I'm trying, guys.


This year had its ups and downs but 'Souls definitely made the downs more bearable! I loved leading CdM with Gen, seeing some of my characters get their happy endings and even more getting further torture from me ;D There was so much I wanted to do this year and I didn't always have the time but thanks for making it a memorable one!


This year, I tortured my characters and washed dogs... and changed my primary character for the first time. D; I dedicate this year to Vesper!!


This year has certainly had it's ups and downs. School and work continues to eat up much of my time, but Souls is always there, filled with wonderful people to help brighten my day, continue to create wonderful plots and relations, and to better my writing skills. It is always a joy to be part of the 'Souls community and I look forward to many more years with you amazing people. <3 <3 <3


It was a good. I did a lot of character development of my own. I can't say I won't miss 2017.


New characters, roleplay fun, and learning some time-management skills xD


Wow! Happy New Years Souls! I am so happy and thankful to be apart of this community for THREE YEARS and counting! There were beginnings (um wow most puppies ever guys what are you UP TO HM), endings (so bittersweet, happy sunset sail Semini & Lokr!), and even though I feel like I didn't get to do as much as I wanted, I know there's so much more awaiting us all! Here's looking at 2018 ;)


Too Short!


It was an awesome 2017! I brought in new characters and had amazing plots with all of them but none of that couldn't have happened without you amazing people! The addition of Discord was the best thing ever and there were so many hilarious conversations!


I played all of my total of eight characters this year, retired two (and now play their children), and killed four NPCs. Unlocked six playable characters and had a bunch of fun plots to do!




Super slow


: ^)


It was way shorter than I expected it to be. Most of it just absolutely flew by, with lots of ups and downs with my activity on Souls. But I managed to not fall /totally/ inactive, which was an accomplishment for me.
Had lots of exciting threads/plots for my characters, managed to get active enough to have a third character. I'm awful at these about things, but it was a fun year of Souls stuff. Looking forward to another year of the same, and many more after! Picture credit: Instantcoyote ( https://instantcoyote.deviantart.com/ ), an old friend of mine, who also made one of Janik's refs.

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