'Souls RPG
2017 Yearbook

Cour des Miracles

Cour des Miracles The start of the year saw a brand spanking new group within the Court: the Cirque de Miracles! Inspired by our regular visits from the gypsy caravan, the Cirque was to be a carefully selected group of performers, diplomats and traders. The aim of the Cirque was to encourage trade and diplomacy with other packs, all whilst putting on a fabulous show. It hasn't yet seen its maiden performance, but who knows what 2018 holds?

In the Spring a sickness came to 'Souls and the Court, leaving several Courtiers feeling under the weather. It was a good opportunity to band together and help each other through the mysterious illness - but we weren't immune to our own losses. We said sad goodbyes to long-standing and much-loved Courtier Madilyn Joyce as well as an old stallion nicknamed "North" by the Grand-Duchessa.

As Summer rolled around the Court saw another new project: our very own Outpost situated near Portland. A large group of Courtiers traveled to establish the new trade hub; some stayed to keep things running smoothly but the rest returned - along with some new faces! Having helped to keep things running smoothly in the King's short absence, Abigail Sadira was promoted to Grand-Duchessa.

Kalypso Savoy made her presence known quickly within the Court, and in the Autumn this led the King and new Grand-Duchessa to give her a project to oversee: the Court had been in need of new housing for a while and this seemed the perfect opportunity to use Kaly's vocal opinions to the Royal House's advantage. Kalypso, along with the Royal House, began to gather ideas for housing locations and styles in hopes of carving out a bright new future for Cour des Miracles.

Dove Reverie, Hirsch Renard, Odalis, and Gilmore Whiteheart all joined us in the Winter.

The end of the year also saw the continuation of the Sadira line when Abigail birthed two puppies fathered by Kira Raine of allied pack Casa di Cavalieri. This was a joyous occasion, but there are still stirrings and ambitions within the Court (and perhaps beyond)... who knows what's around the corner?

Abigail Sadira

(Favorite Thread)

"How often are the people we fall for who we’d pictured?"

Art by Rat


Art by Remarin

Alessan Stormbringer

Art by Gen

Basil Butler

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Art by Pablo

Diane Hanzi

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Art by Gen

Dreyma Moineau

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Art by Raze

Gaia Dawnrunner

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When I went searchin' for an answer
Up the stairs and down the hall
Not to find an answer
Just to hear the call

Art by Gen

Galilee Haskel

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"You can call me 'Lee,' just don’t call me damsel again or you’ll be the one beat senseless."

Art by Lin

Kalypso Savoy

Art by San

Ramona Marino

Art by Nina & Mercurycode @ Deviantart

Serena Marino

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“And then we'd be so close to the ocean, it'd be wonderful.”

Art by Gen

Silvano Sadira

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The year gets colder, your bones gets older, and yet life just keeps on ticking by while you become inconsequential.

Art by Despi


Art by Kitty

Skoll Haskel

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"Even if Aurelya isn't coming back, you owe it to that little girl to be the best damn father you can be."

Art by Mel

Thyri Dawnbringer

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“So I searched.” For the first time since arriving back home from strange southern territories, Thyri talked openly of her journey to Ares. Perhaps it was because she felt he deserved to know, perhaps it was because she felt a bond with him over their shared grief, but the Dawnbringer told him everything that had happened from that day she fought the loners for Merlin’s donkey to leaving Casa to journeying outside of ‘Souls and finding nothing to returning in shame and defeat. When she finished, her eyes were wet and her shoulders sagged. “But I couldn’t find him.”

Art by Art: Despi | Texture: Stephanie-inlove @ dA


Art by Gen

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