'Souls RPG
2020 Yearbook
Never Look Back, Never Give Up  



Most Likely to Fake an Accent to Impress Someone

Most Likely to Know How to Hide or Find a Body
O'Riley Eternity

Most Likely to Star in a Musical About Themselves
Elphaba Revlis

Most Likely to Become a Meme
Skeleton Key

Most Likely to Get the Whole Party Killed in D&D
Boone Winthrop

Most Likely to Sleep With the Boss For a Promotion
TIE: Clementine Salcedo & Helena Troy Lykoi

Biggest Heart
Eden de le Ulrich

Strongest Moral Compass
Teagan Stryder

Pure of Heart, Dumb of Ass

Character You're Most Likely to Avoid in the Street

Always the Sidekick, Never the Hero
Johnathan Winthrop

Most Likely to Say, I'm Sorry, You're Fine, Please Don't Tell Mom
Symre Rask

Would Be the Dog In This is Fine Meme
Nazario del Bosque

Didn't Deserve What They Got
Thyri Dawnbringer

Absolutely Deserved What They Got
Raghnall Thorburn


Most Needs Serious Counseling
Kalypso Savoy & Toraberā Tanaka

Couple That Should've Been
Waynescott Wyatt & Johnathan Winthrop

Relationship We Didn't Expect
Luca Knight & Veri Secanti

Just Kiss Already!
Silas del Morte & Aidan Blacksun

Evil Kermit / Good Kermit
TIE: Belinda Braithwaite / Peony Braithwaite & Lyra Salcedo / Casimir Soul

Plots & Threads

Made You Feel Secondhand Embarrassment
[M] Like A Wounded Animal

Kept You At the Edge of Your Seat
[M] I Am The End

Made You Smile All Over Your Face
[M] Margaritaville

Best Slice of Life
Star Sixty-Seven

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