'Souls RPG
2020 Yearbook
Never Look Back, Never Give Up  

Character Census

Ever wondered how your character compares to others in terms of demographics? Are they average for the board? Are they super weird? Ever wonder how gay is 'Souls actually?? Well, wonder no more! Many thanks players for providing data for 122 characters who were active in 2020!

Character Demographics


Single species & dual-species hybrids required less than 10% of other species.


Character ages as of time of survey, 2020, or time of death.




Is this character religious?

Character Appearance

Primary Fur Color

Primary Coat Pattern

Eye Color


Based on Size Charts.


Size VS Physique


Preferred Form

Character Heritage


Native Language

Other Languages Spoken (Native or Otherwise)

Low Speech Speakers

Is this character literate?

Can this character ride a horse or other animal?

Literacy VS Horsemanship

Character Miscellany

Negative Biases

Of the following, which is this character's STRONGEST skill?

(We regret the omission of "animal husbandry" as a category. Next time!!)

Has this character ever had children?

Number of Litters VS Sex

This character's (given) name was inspired by

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