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Crimson Dreams

2009 brought some significant changes to Crimson Dreams, though the core of the pack has remained the same. While no large conflicts erupted with forces outside the pack, there were various small conflicts between members of Crimson Dreams and Dahlia de Mai. However all the leaders on both sides made an effort to nip ill feelings in the bud and keep the issues to mere personal disputes. In March, Anu joined the leader ranks alongside Naniko and Savina, becoming the newest Brigadier General. At the beginning of April, the second litter of the pack was born to Savina and Kansas which consisted of three healthy pups. In July, however, an unforeseen event shook the foundations of the pack. Unbeknownst to the pack, Naniko had developed an addiction to cocaine and one day left a pack of the substance out in the living area of the mansion. Cambria, one of the pack's pups, was exploring and came across the bag and accidentally was exposed to the harmful drug. She was soon found by Anu, who called for Savina. Recognizing the bag as Naniko's, the two went to confront their Commander. When Naniko refused to repent or stop using the substance, she was ordered to leave.

From there Savina took up the role of Commander and Anu became her Lieutenant General. It was a harsh blow to the Dreamers, but they held strong and worked through it to come out stronger than ever. The rest of the year passed by in relative peace. 2009 ended on a high note with another litter brought to the pack by Jazper and Ghita. Crimson Dreams moves into the new year with high spirits.

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Ares Chance
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Welcome the pain, stop yourself from delaying it.
Cambria Marino
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Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time.
Ehno Marino
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Tu sai che oggi morirei per onestà.
Ghita Marino
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If you're afraid of it, do it anyways.

artwork/photo © Kiri
Husk Erumm
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Jazper Rhiannon-Knight
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You can take away the sun, but I'm still gonna shine.
Kansas Sadira

The stars are bleeding, dripping her light forever. I should have saved her.
Mati Church
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Princess Chance
[Most Likely to Make a Scene, Most Likely to Talk Back]
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It's all uphill from here. I've walked 10,000 miles; have you?
Savina Marino
[Best Parent]
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Just as the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love.