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2009 brought with it many pups and very little conflict for the AniWaya tribe, being an almost wholly peaceful year. Those who stuck with us throughout will know that a total of six pups were born into the pack, and through joining and late 2008 births a we had a whopping twelve pups living in the tribe at one point! Adding to a lot of the events throughout the year, we threw two pack hunts to show people how it's done! Unfortunately, in the summer two of the aforementioned pups were the victims of assault by a child-devouring loner named Brennt, who would continue to cause conflict with other packs until a joint effort between Dahlia de Mai and AniWayan leadership ended in the loner's death. This was a turning point for ranks in AniWaya; as Dawali (who had gained the Chief's rank not long before) returned to the tribe severely wounded, Ember Phoenix was given the rank of sub-leader to help him with the increasing chores that follow increasing numbers.

Through their leadership, many successful AniWaya ceremonies have been performed, and one sign of the development of the tribe throughout the year is the erection of the Town Hall near the sacred ground in the village, with help from the tribe's carpenter Hemming. Another sign of the strong development is the ever growing numbers of their horses kept after a successful trade with Phoenix Valley in late January, as well as the capturing of an adult bull (Cow). With any luck and help from a cow or two, the tribe will be fully able to sustain themselves with beef in the coming winters. Another notable event was the horse race between Cour des Miracles and AniWaya. Not many of the participating characters could foresee the thrill they were about to experience! An even number of spectators and racers were there, and prizes were given to the winners. Yay!

All in all 2009 has been a prosperous year for this tribe both OOC and IC, with increase in numbers and culture, as well as the establishment of growing relationships with the other packs. Several OOC competitions have brought with them new and interesting plot-twists and happenings, and the Seasonal Game continues to run on a monthly basis. 2010 is looking promising, and we hope the progress continues!

Aurèle Aston
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Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit. -- Henry B. Adams
Dawali Amara
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The family is a haven in a heartless world. -- Christopher Lasch

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Curiosity must be kept alive.
Honore Belanger
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Omnom, Ketchup.

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Noir Aston
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We all have wings. It’s just that no one knows.
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I'm not meant to play this part.
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Tayui Aston
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With us to watch the minutes of this night. -- Marcellus (Hamlet)

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