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Most Heroic
Haven Aatte
The Troublemaker
Haku Soul
Most Prone to Injury
Emwe Soul
Most Likely to Make a Scene
Princess Chance
Biggest Fool
Biggest Flirt
Jacquez Trouillefou
Best Parent
Savina Marino
Worst Parent
Haku Soul
Most Likely to Start a Pillowfight
Noir Aston
Most Likely to Die Alone
Haku Soul
Most Likely to Establish A Colony on Mars
Lolita Monroe
Most Likely to Talk Back
Princess Chance
Biggest Crybaby
Ruri Aceline
Cutest Couple that Never Was
DaVinci Nasphrite & Ryan de le Poer
Best Friends Forever~
Jacquez Trouillefou & Ruri Aceline