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Cutest Couple
Agani and Ember Agaric
Jaded Shadows and Storm

Most Unlikely Couple
Phasma Kiles and Nirupama Tsunami
Aremys, Alpha and Clouded Tears


Most Likely to Get Beaten Up
Misery D'Angelo

Most Emo
Deuce Rhiannon
Aremys, Graduierterin

Most Random/Crazy-ass

Most Likely to Become a Serial Killer
Hollow Nothing
Lone Wolf

Sexiest Character (F)
Poe D'Angelo

Sexiest Character (M)
Rurik Russo

Most Pity Deserved
Fatin Kali
Jaded Shadows, Waherin

Most Insane
Meth de le Poer

Most Pack Pride
Kaena Lykoi
Inferni, Aquila

Most Likely to Succeed
Mordulin Aika
Jaded Shadows, Alpha

Most Likely to go out with a Bang
Hollow Nothing
Lone Wolf

Most Artistic
Thanos Niire
Jaded Shadows

Most Changed Personality
Laruku Tears
Clouded Tears, Alpha

Most Promiscuous
Hollow Nothing
Lone Wolf

Best Leader
Mordulin Aika
Jaded Shadows, Alpha

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