'Souls RPG 2022 Yearbook
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2022 Yearbook

A Year in Review
A summary of 2022 events!

As another year falls behind us, we take a look back and appreciate how far we've come. Oh, and also how much distress and drama (fine okay all the good fortune and jubilation too) that we either caused and read about happening to our characters. There have been so many exciting plots, curious happenings, horrifying moments, and beautiful scenes that have lead to some truly wonderful character development and interpersonal (and inter-pack!) relationships! As we bid 2022 a fond farewell, we look forward to all that 2023 will bring to 'Souls!

Major IC Events

  • January brought an escalation to the conflict in New Caledonia, effectively engaging the Realm in a war that might have ended in complete annihilation of the Sun-and-Moon kingdom were it not for Salsola's support and sacrifice.
  • February saw an official alliance formalized and agreed upon by the Knights of Casa di Cavalieri and the Ashen of the Del Cenere Gang.
  • Inclement and unseasonable weather from mid-February through the beginning of April ultimately resulted in significant flooding that made conditions ripe for bacterial and fungal growth that afflicted Luperci throughout the territories.
  • Casa di Cavalieri hosted a youth fair in mid-April, inviting puppies (and their chaperones) from Del Cenere, New Caledonia, and the loner band, Bête Noire, to compete in a little friendly competition.
  • The beginning of June saw Casa di Cavalieri engaged in a plot of revenge that resulted in kidnapping, the death of a Cavalier, and the loss of one of their puppies.
  • September brought the return of trade, games, and competition in Del Cenere's second annual Lancaster Stockshow.
  • Two new Loner Bands formed within the month of October: a feral community called The Court of Fangs, and a motley coterie now in control of La Estrella Roja that have called themselves the Midnight Krewe.
  • The land changed shape once again after tremors that ranged in intensity from mere rumbles to legitimate earthquakes impacted the northeastern and southern portions of the territories from mid-November to mid-December.
  • Salsola hosted its first Thistle Market in December, inviting traders from the entirety of the region within its borders for the first time in its long and storied history!

Major OOC Events

  • Spring Forth, Words! returned in April and, like its evil cousin later in the year, has become another annual contest for everyone to look forward to.
  • There were a lot of very constructive board-wide discussions had in October!
  • Some of these discussions lead to additions and adjustments to the board, such as the inclusion of a pronouns field in character profiles in late October and reduced posting requirements for second character slots in November.
  • Two significant in-world updates were also announced in November: the gradual end to Non-Luperci and the official extinction of humans. Long live Luperci!
  • 'Souls also turned twenty-one years old in November, and we celebrated in the only way we know how: with contests (Wiki Week even included Profiles this year!), activities (Build-a-bNPC Workshop, anyone?), and raffles (complete with a call to Vote 'Souls)! New among the prizes this year were a new Regimoji and Board Perks tucked away in those Tangible Prize Packs.
  • December saw a couple of changes to how nominations and voting for our Yearbook is handled. This year, we held superlative nominations anonymously using Google Forms, and hid the poll results while allowing for up to two votes per superlative instead of just one!
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