'Souls RPG 2021 Yearbook
So now you've done a little wrong and you need to be forgiven



Sassiest Character

Biggest Ego
Rand Coara

#1 Goon
Arius de le Ulrich

Forever in the Friendzone
Iomair Nartholiel

Best Wingman
Brocade Valentine

Balls of Steel
Kamari Kaiser

Most Perfectest Bean
Sólveig Dawnrunner

Most Character Growth
Fredrick Knight

Worst Role Model
Aani Aston D'Noires

Epitome of the "This is Fine" Meme

Biggest "Nope" If you Saw them
in a dark alleyway


Least Likely to survive
another year

Aani Aston D'Noires

Mentally Held Together With Rubberbands and Bubblegum
Azalea Eternity

Pairs & Groups

Best Bromance
Johnathan Winthrop & Waynescott Wyatt

2021 OTP
Azalea Eternity & Sólveig Dawnrunner

Best Rivals/Enemies
O'Riley Eternity & Tiamat Amaranthe

Most Interesting Relationship Dynamic
Silas del Morte & Aidan Blacksun

Team Badass
O'Riley Eternity, Krios Revlis, Morrow Larue, & Argive Hemlock

Plots & Threads

Favorite Non-Pack Plot
Shards in the Mirror

Most Memorable Moment/Dialogue Line
[M] evil is one half of a perfect sphere

Best Butterflies and Good Feelings
You put all those memories so deep inside my mind

Best Slice of Life
and the hills move like lungs

Unexpected Twist
[M] trust in me and fall as well

Most "Oh, Honey, No" Moments
[M] fear not this night

Characters © Their Owners / 'Souls RPG © 'Souls Assemblage / Image from Ralf Κλενγελ at Flickr