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2020 Yearbook
Never Look Back, Never Give Up  

2020 Yearbook

A Year in Review
A summary of 2020 events!

Celebrating its nineteenth birthday, 'Souls powered through a year that, in more ways (and places) than one, was rife with a great deal of drama and change. But we got through it together and are hopeful for 2021! What wonderful and wicked stories lay ahead of us next year? :O

Major IC Events

  • At the turn of the year, a dreadful blizzard bore down on the region, dumping several feet of snow over three days and threatening the lives of many within its path.
  • With scarcely any time to breathe, survivors of the blizzard experienced a new natural phenomenon on February 6th: a 5.9 magnitude earthquake, followed later in the month by a mid-winter thaw that saw many communities flooded.
  • As spring ushered in longer days and warming temperatures, a hauntingly familiar type of flower began to emerge in April.
  • Coinciding with the reemergence of the flowers were the arrival of three Luperci, their faces covered with strange, beak-like masks, warning of a coming plague. They offered a cure in the form of mysterious bundles that could be traded for and then, just as quietly as they arrived, so too did they leave.
  • A second earthquake, this one a 7.8 magnitude, shook the region on May 10th, causing catastrophic changes to the Eastern Realms
  • On June 30th, Mistfell Vale disbanded after its sole leader chose to raise her newborn children in their father's pack of New Caledonia.
  • Beginning in the morning on September 1st, Death Mountain gradually sunk into the sea, further altering the terrain.
  • In early November, a literal boatload of new bNPCs set up camp near Mersey Cove. Citing a desire to trade, explore, and learn, this crew of six seems here to stay, at least for a while.

Major OOC Events

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