'Souls RPG
2019 Yearbook


Greatest Rivals
Helena Troy Lykoi & Kaeli Blacksun

Good Cop, Bad Cop
Santiago Tejada & Evelyn Escuella

Platonic Life Partners
Waynescott Wyatt & Johnathan Winthrop

Always Have Each Other's Backs
Nayavota Denahlii & Honrin Wolfe-Denahlli

Argue Like an Old Married Couple
Kamari Kaiser & Krios Revlis

Most Toxic Relationship
Helena Troy Lykoi & Andrew Greygrief

OTP 2019
Kamari Kaiser & Krios Revlis

Thread That Made Us Say, "FINALLY!"
The Trial of Delfina Heiwa (MATURE)

Most Deserving of a Sequel
The Mists

Ohhhh Sweet Delicious Drama
The rules are the same as they always were (MATURE)

Best Character Development
Andrew Greygrief

Most Deserving Of A Hug
Alejandra Sanctus

Would Be The Unexpected Villain
Athras Eryn

Most Likely To Be The Plucky Sidekick
Pontifex Troy Lykoi

Greatest Wingman
Boone Winthrop

Most Unexpected Death
Loki Helsi

Mostly Likely To Be The Boss At The End Of A Dungeon
Elphaba Revlis

Most In Need Of A Damn Good Lawyer
Helena Troy Lykoi

Most In Need Of A Damn Good Therapist

Worst Luck
TIE: Alejandra Sanctus & Odalis

The Goodest Boi/Girl
TIE: Pontifex Troy Lykoi, Arran Fir-Chlis, & Evelyn de le Ulrich

Characters © Their Owners / 'Souls RPG © 'Souls Assemblage / Image from Sergii Gulenok at Flickr