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2019 Yearbook


With all the Loner Band activity and the formation of new packs, in addition to all the awesome pack plots and events, you guys totally rocked it again this year!! Let's keep that energy red-hot and hoppin' into 2020!


Familia Fortis Elegit! I can't thank my pack enough for another fantastic year - and I'm so excited to see what adventures 2020 has in store for us all.


This has been both the best and worst year of my adult life, and I don't know if I'll feel better or worse when it's over; I just know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Having this community's support, through good times and bad, has helped me more than I ever imagined. I don't know how I'd have made it this far without your kind words, thoughtful advice, and dazzling personalities to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. Happy new year 'Souls, and here's to a safe, healthy, and happy 2020! P.S. I've lost my board janitor mop in the holiday chaos. If you find it, please return it to the nearest maintenance thread.


This year I was a lot more active, and feel like I was more a part of the site then before. I worked hard on improving my writing and drawing and am pleased with the progress I made.


*Yeets 2019 into the abyss*


I got married (what the heck), and my job got nutty bananas but yet still I'm here, like an undying monstrosity refusing to accept death. I'm the zombie with a sickle that you never see coming but you can't look away. Let's go 2020! Cus it's my roaring, roaring 20's!!


Your local Mexican weirdo who somehow writes semi-decent posts but speaks only nonsense on the chat. Beware the bad grammar, it is real with this one.


'Let the smut commence.'


This year has seen some incredible personal development for me, and I've loved every minute of it. I'm honoured to work alongside Mel and Nat as Leaders of Casa, and I look forward to a great year to come!


2019 was interesting. Changed jobs, improved a bit art wise, been reading comics more, made some cool new friends, made some cool new characters. Can't complain much. :] Here's to 2k20.


This year was pretty crazy away from Souls! As ever, though, I'm gonna strive to do better in the coming year. Here's to 2020!



2019 was a challenging year, but I made it through and discovered a lot about myself in the process. I'm looking forward to reaching more personal AND writing goals in 2020!


Aut inveniam viam aut faciam


This year has been filled with changes and challenges in my life. I am incredibly thankful to my Souls' friends and family who have supported me and continue to put up with me ;). A special thanks to my Cavalier Crew who give me the space to be creative with events and plots, even when it is at a snaily pace. <3



It's the last year of the decade and nearly ten years since I rejoined 'Souls. A lot has happened, too much in fact to go over in this blurb. This site and all you people have been a part of my personal history for so long, and I am so grateful! This community is unlike any other; here's to 10 more years!


It was an off-and-on year for me, one spent mostly off-board while I sorted some life out. But the end of the year I found myself happy and healthy, with a shiny new job and a brand new appetite for play! 'Souls has always been there for me and I'm glad to be back.


It's been a rough year and the scarcest I've been in a while, but I'm finally working on what I need to bounce back! Pop pop! Here's to 2020!


My first year on 'Souls! I had a wonderful first year making many new friends and rediscovering my love for writing. Thank you everyone for all your love and support!


Another year has come and gone, and despite some major changes in life, we all persist and thrive on our love for 'Souls. Let's make 2020 full of more amazing fun and memories.


After a long break I rejoined 'Souls in February of 2019, and since then it's been one hell of a ride. Before I knew it I was a pack leader again, working alongside Amanda to bring New Caledonia to fruition. It's had its own unique challenges, but a whole lot of fun. I can't wait to see what 2020 in store, and I'd like to wish the 'Souls community the best that he New Year has to offer. Let's make it a good one!


Wot 'n birdnation???


Wow!! After many years of absence, I was kind of worried that iIwouldn't be able to keep up. However, 'Souls has really captured my heart, and I do not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. <3 Here's to another great year!


Wow, 2019 was wild! I've had so much fun plotting and threading and running the Vale and I'm super excited to do the same thing, and more, in 2020! :D


I had a great year! :) Lots of amazing plots, lots of awesome people and lots of reasons to look forward to next year! I love 'Souls! <3

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