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2019 Yearbook

Cour des Miracles

Cour des Miracles In true Court fashion, the new year is heralded with a grand masquerade ball to celebrate a calm and quiet winter. It was a stark contrast to the murderous party thrown the previous winter that saw a coup and trial. Casa de Cavalieri, Mistfell Vale, and the remnants of Krokar were invited to the festivities. Several party crashes joined in, but the event was a successful venture that seemed to proudly broadcast the Court's stability and longevity.

The Court was a couple months away from celebrating its 10th anniversary when the tides of change came rushing in. La Marea rises from the past of both Kalypso Savoy and Paloma Rovira, bringing destruction with it. The group seeks long sought after vengeance for wrongs caused in the two women's youth, having joined together to destroy what they had worked to achieve. An adversary from Skoll's past had also hired a mercenary to join in the mayhem, adding to the tally of problems the golden prince had caused for the Court.

Members of the Court grew ill from a mysterious source until it is discovered that the waterways have been tainted. Thyri tragically miscarries thanks to the bad water. Ascher Stormbringer is grievously wounded and the Court's livestock are set loose. La Marea kidnap Kalypso's daughters and Cidro, having mistaken him for her son, while Oberyn and Alessan are assaulted in the process. The three youths are returned to Kalypso after being tortured, forever altered by their imprisonment: Cidro suffers greatly at the hands of one of his kidnappers, and Athalie is shot by the son of Mistral come for his own vengeance.

The weakened and unwilling are told to leave for the Outpost or other packs to avoid the increasing danger. In the end, la Marea came face to face with the remains of the Court in a full assault. A greatly reduced Court fought an arduous battle against these assailants, eventually winning the fight despite all of the odds having been against them.

La Marea successfully decimated the land by salting productive fields, damaging the old Hotel, poisoning water supplies, and gutting the community center with fire. Several members lose their lives in the process as well. Chaska the Burned was killed by a former associate, becoming a source for the poisoned water. Ascher Stormbringer succumbed to his injuries. Mottle died as a result of the tainted water supply.

Finally, unable to continue on, the Court was disbanded with a symbolic burning of the Hotel. A few remaining members form the Petite Cour, staying in the village that had been the last home of the Court. The Petite Cour, too, dissolves in the later part of the year as its members move on from a land deemed as cursed by the very earth.

Alessan Stormbringer

Art by Gen

Galilee Haskel

Cut my own gills with a pocket knife
Turning my fingers in the sockets, my
Daily -zzzt- daily dose of, daily dose of lightning

Art by Lin


(Favorite Thread)

We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are.

Art by Jasmae

Issola Haskel

(Favorite Thread)

“Hey, Oberyn…?” She paused, trying to sort out her thoughts. “…With the pack being gone and all…” What was left was not a pack. They were survivors, and little more. “…what do you think will happen to us?” She held her hand out, her pale eyes falling to her palm as she curled her fingers towards the pads there. “The adults can only do so much, and we can no longer rely on the talents and skills that our old packmates used to have.”

Art by Songbird

Kalypso Savoy

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

Empires, kingdoms. It was all a foolish game. But it was a game she had once played eagerly. She could play it again.

Art by Despi

Merlin Knight

(Favorite Thread)

Unbeknownst to her, Merlin had shifted to his Lupus form and was in an adjacent bed, digging with wild abandon as though he were a house pet of yore taking advantage of an inattentive master. Thyri gave a short, soft laugh when he turned to them, his tongue flopping out of his mouth, and looked at Hibiki again. "Or, you could do it that way, too."

Art by Nat

Moon Moon Damaichu

Art by Naira

Oberyn Haskel

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

“We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.” ― C.S. Lewis

Art by Mel


(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

It took him a long time to remember how to breathe. It took him a longer amount of time to remember how to stand. His limbs felt numb, foreign, as though he had never encountered such a concept before in all his many days. When he finally rose, the world around him seemed to tilt and spin. It felt as though it wanted him to fall. Even the world wanted him gone.

Art by Jasmae @ FA

Skoll Haskel

(Favorite Thread)

Top of the world, bottom of the ocean
They built you up and broke you down again
So now you hope to beat the surf in

Art by Ben

Thyri Dawnbringer

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

She let the silence speak the words she couldn't say, and it stretched a long time around them. Sinking below the horizon, the sun relinquished the day to the night and, gradually, the moonlight shined from overhead. They slept, curled around one another, under the protection of the white walnut tree that night. And, in Thyri's dreams, tranquility and hope had returned. In the morning, before they began their journey back home, Thyri and Merlin, together, built a new Horgr: a prayer to Freyja for fertility and a blessing to the children – and to the idea of the children – that they had lost. And then, hand-in-hand, the two wolves turned from the Yggdrasil of Vinátta and began their journey home to Maison du Coeur to start over again.

Art by Kiri

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