'Souls RPG
2018 Yearbook

2018 Yearbook

A Year in Review
A summary of 2018 events!

'Souls turned seventeen this year, and we were busier than ever! Let's keep this train rolling through 2019!

Major IC Events
Major OOC Events
  • In January, Cour des Miracles endured the Winter of Tarnished Gold after an entitled heiress usurped King Silvano Sadira and seized control of the Court.
  • On February 10th, Mistfell Vale formed and claimed their territory in the southern half of the St. John's River.
  • Anathema officially disbanded on March 1st following a month of warfare started by their own former leader.
  • In April, strange flora began appearing along some of the coasts, sprouting upwards of 20 feet and prompting investigation from many Luperci, some of whom lost their lives to the enchantment of the flora's smell...
  • In July, both Sapient and Inferni disbanded; Sapient, after skeletons were brought out of the closet and Inferni, after succumbing to yet another battering by Mother Nature.
  • Late October found Krokar disbanded after it was attacked by a religious group of loners and its members scattered in many different directions.
  • We updated our setting and thread prompt generator to have a bountiful amount of possibilities! We also removed the Official Absentee List due to it being rarely used, redundant, and never truly official anyway!
  • In the Broken Occident, a new land bridge was formed, and offered a shorter path of travel from the mainland to the peninsula.
  • After a 6-month trial process, Loner Groups were made official.
  • We updated our Human Artifacts policies to be more explicit with what could be scavenged by Luperci after nearly 30 years post-human extinction.
  • Realizing that not all players are code-savvy, we removed the requirement for packs to have pack websites.
  • In acknowledgment of and for the comfort of our changing player base, 'Souls policy was updated to require players be 18+ years old to register.
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