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2017 Yearbook

2017 Yearbook

A Year in Review
A summary of 2017 events!

'Souls turned sixteen this year - that's old enough to drive! :O There were tons of fun things that happened this year, from interesting plots to new suggestions and ideas to a resurgence in voting (which brought in a ton of new members!)

Major IC Events
Major OOC Events
  • In January, Boreas returned in a revenge mission against Salsola and Inferni, causing the two packs to join forces once again to defeat an old enemy. At the same time, Krokar and Sapient had their own enemies to deal with.
  • In April, a mysterious illness caused by a strange bacteria in the water swept through the land of 'Souls, causing a large amount of Luperci to fall ill until May.
  • After five years, Vinátta officially disbanded on June 9th, 2017 following the disappearance of the pack's final leader, Izrian Firebringer.
  • In October, formerly friendly packs Inferni and Salsola saw war, eventually causing Inferni to move back to old Bleeding Souls territory to escape the strife and growing wolf packs.
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  • We changed hosts in July and upgraded to a Virtual Private Server! No more overloading the database!
  • 'Souls had its 16th birthday - happy sweet sixteen! Celebrations included a voting raffle, a new skin, and a setting generator.
  • A new spotlight, the 'Souls Soldier of Love, was introduced as an award for voting the most out of anyone each month!
  • The remains of Western Tangles finally sank into the ocean, and the playable area was expanded to the west, adding the Western Forefront.
  • 'Souls officially switched to Discord for the 'Soulschat, reinvigorating the community and adding lots of fun goodies like bots and Reginald emojis!
  • A trial run of loner groups, a smaller and less structured alternative to packs, were introduced.
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