'Souls RPG
2016 Yearbook


Whoops, Didn't Know They Were a Thing
Lelouch Amarok and Bertolt Damaichu

Best Parent/Child Relationship
Lyris Stryder and Teagan Stryder


Worst Parent/Child Relationship
Vesper and Vicira Tears


Cutest Couple ... That Never Happened
Semini and Lokr Revlis


Vitriolic Best Buds
Naenia Ortega and Nivosus Moineau


Most Likely to Talk Your Ear Off
Eliza Cormier

Should Have Their Own
L'Oreal Meme


Most Likely to Save the World
Skana Creo

The Eeyore

Surrounded by Idiots

Nobel ('Souls) Peace Prize
for Diplomacy

Loki Helsi

Best School (Pack) Spirit
Teagan Stryder

Most Likely to Have
a Happy Long Life

Milos Parhelion

Biggest Disappointment
to Daddy/Mommy

Indra Revlis

Most Awkward Teenager

Most Likely to Be the Third Wheel
Tandy McClain

The Reason We Can't Have Nice Things
Nivosus Moineau

Most Likely to Fight
Everyone and Everything

Basilio Lykoi

Most Likely to Pee in
Someone's Breakfast

Nivosus Moineau

Most Needing of a Hug

Most Likely to Join the Dark Side
Basilio Lykoi

Gave Us the Most Feels
Jazper's Death

photo by Thierry @ Flickr

GASP! Biggest Plot Twist
Midnight Shores' Disbandment

photo by Neil Williamson @ Flickr
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