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2016 Yearbook

Casa di Cavalieri

Casa di Cavalieri Casa di Cavalieri's sixth year saw much tension and heartbreak within the kingdom. Despite this, the knights' steady perseverance and courage brought them eventual peace and further prosper at the year's close. 2016 began with the red star's fall-- the meteor that shook Nova Scotia hit Casa particularly hard due to the pack's close proximity to the ocean in which it made impact. Among many damages and floods to Fort Kingsbury, the chaos claimed the life of dear friend and long-time member Jonas Coblentz. While grieving his death, Casa received help from allies Midnight Shores and was able to successfully rebuild their home and salvage much of their wealth, and life continued on.

This year also saw the returning consequences of Anathema's attack and destruction of Casa's allies, New Dawn, in the previous year. Anathema's leader and instigator of the attack was usurped by Aeron Ganesa, who reached out to Casa and AniWaya in an attempted peace offering during this year's early months. Casa, AniWaya, and Anathema met to discuss what actions should be taken, and it was concluded that no peace could be reached in sight of Anathema's unforgivable actions. Casa di Cavalieri and Anathema consequentially stand on extremely poor terms, and a blind eye is now often turned to Casa members attacking Anathemans who wander too close for comfort.

A series of unfortunate events eventually leads Casa's Sole, Alistair, to be tricked into trespassing onto the unfriendly lands of Salsola. Alistair is held for ransom, and Casa's Lune, Luca, is forced to oblige and quietly trades away two of Casa's horses in exchange for his fellow leader's safe return. The event caused relations between the knights and the thistle kingdom to further decline.

In the summer of 2016, Casa hosted a peaceful Diplomacy Summit and invited nearly all packs to attend-- Anathema and Salsola were excluded. Aside from a strenuous yet successful leadership meeting and friendly evening party, the event also brought hired help-turned-cavalier Howland Reeves as well as the capture of two horses from Mirage Glade's herd to be brought in as Casa's new communal animals. Later in the warmer months, Casa was invited to and attended allies Cour des Miracles' birthday celebration. The festivities included a ball for dancing a horse auction, during which Luca bid and successfully won Casa a fine buckskin stallion.

As the cold breath of fall descended upon Nova Scotia, Casa's Sole, Alistair, unexpectedly removed himself from leadership and departed the lands due to personal and emotional family infirmities. Despite the shock and now diminished leadership, Casa and Cour des Miracles carried on to host a friendly tournament with many challenging contests. Among the victorious were Casa's very own Callum Knight, who won the horse races, and Thyri Dawnbringer, who came out on top during the swimming competition.

As winter gripped the forests, so did it bring the heartbreak of death. Casa di Cavalieri's founder and long-time leader, Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, passed away in December and also brought the disbandment of allies Midnight Shores. After his burial in Casa's lands, grief brought the year to a close. Yet despite such hardships Casa continues to train and better its power and prosperity for successful many years to come.

Alistar Callow-Knight

(Favorite Thread)

"Besides, most people are worth fighting for." He glanced over at her, smirking. "Usually."

Art by Kitty

Atalanta Kartal

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O that man's heart were as fire and could spring to her,
Fire, or the strength of the streams that spring!

Art by Alaine

Callum Knight

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Art by Kitty

Darkness Hushhowl

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Art by Dark

Grynn Garcia-Knight

Art by Marie

Indi Knight

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

“Maybe they’re all masochists?” It would explain why everybody’s hitting each other all the time.”

Art by Song

Lorenzo Knight

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"I Lorenzo, promise to mah Sole and Lune to serve them with absolute loyalty. Ah will face the world without fear of mah enemies or tha darkness. Be brave an' love all others so that they may love me. Ah will speak the truth always, even if it means death. Protect the helpless and do no evil. This is mah oath."

Art by Nat

Lyris Stryder

Best Parent/Child Relationship (with Teagan Stryder)

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"And I love you."

Art by San

Myra Garcia

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“I’m going to get you inside. You look lonely.”

Art by Onlyhalfpidgeon

Rohan Damaichu

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Art by San

Sylvie Agnès

Art by Nat

Teagan Stryder

Best Parent/Child Relationship (with Lyris Stryder)

Best School (Pack) Spirit

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"There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'not today'." - Syrio Forel

Art by Songbird

Thyri Dawnbringer

(Favorite Thread) (Mature)

Training and sparring and patrols went only so far in preparing a warrior for battle. Because this? This was truly life or death. There would be no timeout. There would be no retries or suggestions or words of wisdom. This was what it truly mean to fight. To put everything on the line for something you believe in and risk it all. It left Thyri feeling deeply invigorated and oddly sanguine, as though her whole life had lead up to this moment.

Art by Miyu

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