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2016 Yearbook

2016 Yearbook

'Souls through the year
A summary of events

Both new and familiar players joined the ranks throughout 2016 as 'Souls celebrated its fifteenth birthday! There were many interesting plots run by packs and board staff alike, making for a very fun and exciting year.

Major IC Events
Major OOC Events
  • The Outpost disbanded in early 2016, with its residents relocating to Freetown.
  • April saw the fall of the Red Star, a meteor (seen as an omen by many packs!) that destroyed much of Western Tangles and forced Freetown's residents to move to Portland.
  • Two packs disbanded this year: AniWaya, whose leaders decided to move away from 'Souls to avoid conflict with the Great Tribe; and Midnight Shores, which disbanded after its leaders went missing.
  • Remember, you can contribute to our overall 2016 event history on the Wiki!
  • Souls had its 15th birthday! The celebration included a new skin, the 'Souls Character Generator, several surveys, a fun contest, and a sticker give-away.
  • Reginald won the naming contest for the RP Guide mascot! (Even though Reginald totally should have won instead).
  • There was a major change in auxiliary character procedures from having to re-request each time to earning character slots instead!
  • Several staff changes also happened this year! Raze joined the 'Souls Assemblage while Mandi and San were added to the Moderator team.
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