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Yearbook 2013


Ichika no Ho-en Vinátta consistently remained one of the largest and strongest packs throughout 2013, with many new and returning members filling our ranks. Last year's baby boom gave us an influx of young adults eager to find their place in our hierarchy. We welcomed the birth of four new litters, expanded our land with a sub-territory contest, celebrated the Ostara Spring Festival with an egg hunt, marked our first anniversary with a grand feast, and hosted a week-long event with visiting dignitaries from Cercatori d'Arte and Casa di Cavalieri. Tensions with Sangi'lak rose despite diplomatic efforts, but relations with nearby New Dawn continued to strengthen.

It was a tumultuous year for the Vikings, marked with joyful tidings and broken hearts alike. The Virding couple broke up in May; Lilin Soulstorm ended her mateship with Saul Stormbringer and stepped down from leadership, only to return at the end of the year as a regular member. After her daughter assaulted her and left her with a broken wrist, sub-leader Colibri Haki gave her heart to fellow founding member Niernan Stormbringer, and the new couple were blessed with a litter in the autumn. Palaydrian Soul was left a widow when Jiva Takekuro was lost at sea, but overcame her depression and drug dependency to rise to the top of the Vald tier by winter. The Vikings had their share of scandal when Shiloh Dawnbringer and King Silvano Sadira's affair came to light, and were shocked again by the forbidden romance that blossomed between Ascher Stormbringer and Sangi'lak leader Sequoia Exultare. Several younger Vináttans - Carya Aston, Rúni Stormbringer, and Aspen - sadly fell prey to insidious loners and learned a hard lesson about the dangers of the outside world.

Despite all that transpired, the most memorable event of 2013 would be the Ironside Conflict. Over the summer, a band of vengeful canines calling themselves the Ironside Coalition targeted Vinátta with the goal of reclaiming their former member, Glasgow. They resorted to underhanded tactics such as harrassing non-combatants and kidnapping Shiloh's puppies as bargaining chips. The Vikings rose to the occasion when Saul Stormbringer led the able-bodied warriors into battle, and soundly defeated the rogues to make their home safe for the years to come.

Abigail Sadira

(Favorite thread)

“'Cause Daddy's a King? Tha' makes you a Queen.”

Ascher Stormbringer

(Favorite thread) (Mature)

“It shouldn't matter, not when it's too late to change it.”

Art by Rat


(Favorite thread)

"I-I don’t mean to bother you."

Art by Zyn


(Favorite thread)

Is there such thing as brighter days

Chloé Moineau

(Favorite thread)

"Maybe there aren't rules or anything."

Art by Pawzmallina.

Cody Rhiannon

(Favorite thread)

"You saved my life but I dunno if I can save yours.."

Colibri Haki

(Favorite thread)

"It's... a little scary, isn't it? Wanting to be more than friends, but... not wanting to lose your friend in the process."

Art by Requiem

Farina Vin Haki

(Favorite thread)

"Well, what if they were hurt? Whose fault is it then? The kid for being a kid, the parents for not watching them, or the pack guardians for missing the predator?"

Art by Miyu

Fiora Vin Haki

(Favorite thread)

“How could I have asked for more?”

Art by Miyu

Niernan Stormbringer

(Favorite thread)

"I promised I would never leave you, and I never will."

Shiloh Dawnbringer

Couple Most Doomed To Fail (with Silvano)

(Favorite thread)

It was only knowledge of what he had waiting at home -- leadership, a second family likely more important than their own -- that held her back. Otherwise, she didn't know what she would have done. Kept him here forever, maybe.

Art by Gen

Sky Rhiannon

(Favorite thread) (Mature)

"Until I've no legs left to stand on, I'll continue to fight for my family."

Art by Ali

Taro Kurosoul

(Favorite thread)

"Wow, what a crazy coincidence, am I right?"

Art by Owl

Tayui Aston

Best Bromance (with Vesper) & Most Family-Oriented

(Favorite thread)

Et cela qui s'écrit ne se perd pas ainsi. — Joachim du Bellay

Art by Kiri

Teagan Stormbringer

(Favorite thread)

"Gods, I don't even think of myself as a girl, so no need to stand on manners."

Valérian Coeur

(Favorite thread)

“It's such an interesting story really, I mean. Drama, tension, scandal... but since all you have to say is 'gawky', i'm not too sure if I want to share my own, personal, epic tale with you.”

Art by Kiri

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