'Souls RPG
Yearbook 2013


Couple Most Doomed To Fail
Shiloh Dawnbringer & Silvano Sadira

Best Bromance
Tayui Aston & Vesper


Best Frenemies
Siv Helsi & Isabella Heiwa

Most Awkward / Socially Inept
Pascal Sadira

Worst Influence
Salvia Eternity

Parent of the Year
Zalen Damaichu

Psycho of the Year
Lillith Trombetta

Most Likely to Die Alone
Itou Ren

Least Likely to Survive Another Year
Esther Hennamin

Biggest Creeper
Judas Poer de Aika XIII

Least Likely To Be Like Their Parents(s)
Florina Soul

Most Likely To Be Like Their Parent(s)
Lokr Revlis

Most Family-Oriented
Tayui Aston

Most Wanted
Judas Poer de Aika XIII

Luckiest Break
Krys Sawtooth


Plot of the Year
Ironside Coalition (Vinátta)

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