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Yearbook 2013


AniWaya 2013 has been a whirlwind for the AniWayan tribe! Early in the year brought new life and the departure of an old friend and sub-leader, Io Berlin. AniWaya hosted its first ever game of Anejodi (stickball) and invited nearby packs to participate, following it with a joyous feast. Soon after, however, Liam Rhiannon continued his reign of terror against Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth, but was caught and castrated as punishment.

In August, new terrors arise: an invisible force plagues Claudius Aston and Gemma and Aranck Eluwilussit falls seriously ill. So too do many other members of the tribe. The sickness eventually claims the life of one of the members. In September, the spirit guides disappear, and the tribemembers band together to discover the cause of their disappearance and the sickness. Ocèane Aston’s return heralds new information: her spirit guide identifies a restless poltergeist, a casualty of the AniWaya Conflict in 2011, who died without proper burial, as the cause of much pain. The cause of the illness is never discovered.

In November, the tribe moves to the Moonstone Lakes to start afresh, where memories of war and sickness will be put to rest.

Attila Aston

(Favorite thread)

"What else have I missed? You're not gonna tell me that this isn't AniWaya any more and it's been taken over by evil... Jackals!"

Art by Miyu

Claudius Aston

(Favorite thread)

Paralysis through analysis can stop me here
But that'd just be an excuse to run in fear
So I'll brandish the blandest man's anguish with a rammed fist
Directed at the throat of any man that can withstand this

Art by Nat

Everly Skyfall

(Favorite thread)

“Easier to pronounce than the upside-down version.”

Art by Rat

Genova Mal

(Favorite thread)

"I've done enough ugly things in the name of survival."

Ulilohi Ehn

“Please mind the gap.”

Art by Zyn

Zenith Wros

(Favorite thread)

Crush my heart into embers, and I will reignite.

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