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Yearbook 2013

2013 Yearbook

A summary of our twelfth year~!

The seventh annual 'Souls yearbook is here! Can you believe we've been doing this for seven years now? 2013 was very awesome -- we've had a large influx of new members as well as the continual return of beloved oldbies, and we're happy to see our community grow. We've maintained quite a high character count at several points during the year (we had 222, a record high, at one point early in the year!) and we even had ten packs through much of 2013. Thanks for a great year, 'Souls! ♥ ♥ ♥

We know 2014 will be twice the awesome!

Major IC Events
Major OOC Events
  • We've just recently expanded our territory to the maximum map, allowing characters onto Prince Edward Island for the first time ever!
  • Fall saw the disbandment of Sangi'lak
  • The Outpost was formed in the Northern Tides region (January 20, 2013 -- feels like a lot longer, doesn't it?)
  • Our packs had their own fun: the tournament early in the year between Casa di Cavalieri and Cour des Miracles, AniWaya's interpack Anejodi game, the Ironside plot, and the CdC pirates plot!
  • Detailed year breakdown here
  • We saw some important changes to the joining age of the game, hopefully increasing adoption rates of young puppies on the board and decreasing realism issues!
  • We've seen some big changes on the Wiki this year, including a huge surge in use! Keep making things awesome, 'Souls!
  • We've seen the roll-out of the automatic game statistics, which have made everyone's lives a lot easier! :)We had our first full year on phpBB!
  • 'Souls turned TWELVE in November!
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