'Souls RPG: Yearbook 2012


Ichika no Ho-en Vinátta was founded in May 2012 predominantly by the Stormbringer family and their loved ones. From the beginning, Miskunn Stormbringer readily established herself as the pack's priestess - teaching the ways of Norse mythology and offering spiritual guidance to those in need. The pack has since grown exponentially under the leadership of Lilin Soulstorm and Saul Stormbringer, who became mates in July.

With growing numbers came additional responsibilities and thus, a third in command was appointed, Colibri Haki, who has since devoted her life to the entire pack. Autumn and Winter brought about a staggering influx of puppy arrivals; with a grand total of 14 puppies born by the end of the year! Vinátta made it through the September Hurricane largely unscathed, showing unity and teamwork in keeping everyone safe. An official trade alliance was formed with Anathema, though tension arose with Sang'ilak, a neighboring pack, due to their unwanted proximity and vastly different beliefs.

We look forward to another exciting year filled with prosperity!

Colibri Haki

(Favorite thread)

Should I assume that someone hears me when I pray?
— KoЯn

Art by Requiem

Ezra Rosen

(Favorite thread)

do you believe there’s still some magic left, somewhere inside our souls?

Art by Nat

Florina Soul

(Favorite thread)

Ek verp vatni þetta barn a, ok gef honum nafnit... Florina.

Art by Miyu

Fritz Earl

(Favorite thread)

"You can keep it if you want? It actually looks better on you than on me."

Art by Yuki

Ink Trovato

(Favorite thread)

Actually, I'm not from any one place.

Art by Aly

Lilin Soulstorm

Sexiest Lady

(Favorite thread)

"What's good is often forgotten, what's bad is often hidden." - Norwegian Proverb

Art by Ashley Poland

Niernan Stormbringer

(Favorite thread)

"And you like my cat. Which is a bonus, I guess."

Art by Sky

Reykr Helsi

Art by Sie

Saul Stormbringer

Most Likely to Raise Luperci Einstein

(Favorite thread)

Everything resolves in the end. If it is not resolved, it is not the end.

Art by Sky

Shiloh Dawnbringer

(Favorite thread)

Issola strikes from courtly bow.
— Steven Brust

Art by Jada

Sky Rhiannon

(Favorite thread)

I'm so sorry...

Art by Sky

Sólieri Stormbringer

(Favorite thread)

Art by Sky

Tayui Aston

(Favorite thread)

Et cela qui s'écrit ne se perd pas ainsi.
— François Rabelais

Art by Tammi

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