'Souls RPG: Yearbook 2012


Cutest Couple
Vesper and Myrika Tears

Best Friends Forever
Helotes Lykoi and Vesper


Most Unexpected Couple
Panda Behr, Venom Trombetta, Aeron Ganesa, and Charm Sawtooth

Master of Evil
Amy Sunders

Sexiest Gentleman
Jazper Rhiannon-Knight

Sexiest Lady
Lilin Soulstorm

Biggest Flirt
Sebastian Auditore

Most Clueless
Adonia Demos

Most Innocent
Giselle Fantasia

Most Unique
Cwicseolfor Faintree

Most in Need of Padded Walls
Eris Eternity

Most Likely to Talk Your Ear Off

Would Be an Office Drone if Human
Willam la Chemin

Most Likely to Cut You
Lilith Trombetta-Bear

Most Likely to Raise Luperci Einstein
Saul Stormbringer

Most Likely to Drop Their Puppies... Regularly!
Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth

Most Matured Pup
Skoll Haskel

Pup Most Likely to Save the World
Eugene Sadira

Pup Most Likely to End the World
Kohaku Amarok

Most Precious Puppy
Loki Jade Lykoi

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