'Souls RPG: Yearbook 2012


'Souls has had many players in 2011! It's the members of our game that makes it so awesome, so thank you very much for the great year, 'Souls! Here's to many, many more! ♥ ♥ ♥


One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.


It's been a crazy, wild ride of a year and they're bound to get better.


Potatoes, GIFs, women laughing with salad, oh my!


This year marked the first time I’ve stepped away from ‘Souls entirely since joining back in January 2007. However, life couldn’t keep me away for too long! I rejoined in October and plan to keep it that way into 2013 and beyond. It’s been a fun year with lots of exciting plots and great players, and I can’t wait for all that there is to come! Here’s to another 10 years, ‘Souls! <3


This year has been great! It's my second year on 'souls and I have loved every minute. I got two new characters, Kohaku and Raeka. On top of that I became a leader for New Dawn. I look forward to torturing my poor wolfies for another year.


This has been another awesome year. I'll be going into my third year here and Ayasha has had pups! Plus, Sie is always to blame >.>


Still loving being a part of 'Souls, has kept me sane with all my other work commitments - 2 part time bar jobs and my own little shop. I'm looking forward to picking up at least one new character early in 2013 so watch this space!


This was my first year at 'Souls, I joined in February and became addicted. I blame Honey, and so should all of y'all. I've survived this far, and hopefully I'll be around here for a lot longer, because I love everyone here and I don't wanna leave y'all.


I failed this year ;.; And Nat doesn't love me anymore. Hopefully, if the world doesn't end, then maybe next year will be much better. I'm only hoping that it is.


This year has been crazy. I'm heading into my second year of living here, surviving off the flaky stinky hold the oldies have been sprinkling off. In my time of being here, I scrapped two home-made characters and snatched myself two lovely Lykoi coyotes from Nat. Love that Nat. I'm here to stay!


This year was wonderful just because one thing... I joined Souls!! It has been a wonderful experience and I expect to keep it going until I am crusty and decrepit!


I missed everyone on 'Souls! So don't think you can get rid of Kels that easily. <3 I've pretty much made friends with everyone here and I'm glad that I have. Y'all are some of the most amazing people I've ever met.




This year I had a lot more work on my plate in college, being a sophomore, so my end of the year post standing was weak but I will always remember that this was the most depressing year ever. My first character on souls died and I find myself looking to the future for new plots, new friends, as well as another year with old friends and old Players. <3


Its been quite the year. Moving around getting a second job and marrying the most amazing man ever. Souls has been wonderful as well! I can't wait for what next year brings.


This year has been full of great changes for me. 2012 was the first year renting a place and living on my own, managed to balance out my souls life and social life while doing school and getting a new boyfriend. Jazper has grown so much again this year and is starting to become an old guy. I look forward to another year of running Casa and RPing with all of you!


Welp, after almost two years off, guess who came back to spam you with cartoon gifs and Pokemon eggs! :D Now I live on the 'Souls Wiki and was promoted to subleader of Vinátta, so you can't get rid of me. Love you all!


This year saw a lot of changes to 'Souls and I enjoyed myself immensely. Made a bunch of new friends and New Dawn thrived. Could not have been happier! Shout out to my BFF's Raze, Bria, Ariel, Marie, and Zyn. You guys are awesome and I <3 you all.


I have had a lot of fun and laughs this year. While the end of this year has gotten a little hectic for me, I'm still very glad that I can come to 'Souls for a little escape and adventure. <3


'souls has such a great community that I can't believe I didn't find it sooner! It's a good thing I be here and have another whole year to think up something wittier to say, eh? :D


I joined in May 2012 with the now late Percival Teach, and though I had my doubts at first, with friendly advice and such an entertaining community, my stay at 'Souls has been a wonderful adventure, and I hope it will continue in such a way.


2012 was an interesting year for me, mostly because it was the year I started my career as a US Navy sailor. Though I wish I could have been more active on 'Souls, I still met some cool people and had a few fun threads. Hopefully '13 will bring more peeps and more threads! Also! First ever post from over 10,000 for me, Dec. 21st, 2012.


2012 has been a crazy-awesome year! I was made Inferni subleader then a moderator (on my 'Souls anniversary, no less), I adopted a million characters, the board moved, and I got closer to my existing friends and made new ones. It'd take too long to list every wonderful thing that has happened or shout out to every player who's made my day, but I have to say, this has been a good year!


Joined 'Souls this year and I was amazed. It took me a while to find a great site and when I came here I instantly fell in love. I've enjoyed my time here and I hope to keep it going and continue to thread with you all!! It's really been a great year. :3


Ahhh! Souls has been exciting this year! (at least for me and all the happenings with my characters anyway)


WELL this was my first year on 'Souls because Crys was awesome and directed me here after I left WWS and I looooove it so much more than I ever loved any other RP'ing site. :D During this year Seb slept with about fifteen men, joined Casa di Cavalieri, has made a bunch of awesome friends, freed a slave and quite has had a pretty good time except for when he got jealous after his leader got mated but that's just him being dumb so we can ignore that.

OOC, I find this community to be friendly and cool and really just wow, everyone is so nice and Bria and J and Crys and Mel and Jace and Bria are awesome and I am so grateful that Crys made me join because it was an incredible decision because I LOVE YOU PEOPLE OKAY. *snugs*


I had a great year at ‘Souls until the beginning of my junior year of college, when I had to quit out of necessity; a dying muse and an insane amount of tedious work will do that. I miss you all so much, and I have been thinking about my new character, Florence, a whole lot! I hope to return in May when I come back from my abroad program in Tanzania studying wildlife conservation in the Serengeti! :DD


It was WILD man WILD




Oh how I've missed you 'Souls. I haven't been around for much of this year but I am hopeful for my activity here in 2013. I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome and especially Gen for letting me adopt her little boy, and to Sunny for letting me adopt her voodoo gal.



Drem Yol Lok. Zu'u Lok. I've been here a couple years now and this year is no different than the last- ups, downs, big changes, surprises and loads and loads of fun times! Shout out to Nat, for putting up with my nonsense all year! And Haley, who seriously needs to stop spending my money.


What happens in Halifax, stays in Halifax.


This was a really fun year, I can't wait for the next!


It's me. Still here.


This is my first year as part of 'Souls. It's been super amazing playing here. I've met and made friends with so many awesome people, created many artsy things for so many of their brilliant characters and have gotten to participate in lots of fun plots. I look forward to continuing to play here for many years to come. :D


This year was a lot of fun! I've really enjoyed being a leader again and working alongside Marit and Vida has been really rewarding. I've also really enjoyed developing my characters and I'm looking forward to new and exciting plots (and puppies!) :)


Wait, I'm how crusty? Not as crusty as Sie, obviously. Anyway, its been an interesting year full of strange and fun plots, and I'm looking forward to more in the next year!


I've enjoyed this year, obviously because it's opened up new opportunities for me and perhaps not so obvious (unless you know of my obsession with football (or soccer)) because Spain won the Euros! (Huge all-Europe football competition). The latter isn't that important, but I'm glad to be here another year and I hope I'm here to enjoy many more :P

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