Most Classic Romance
Silvano Sadira and Giselle Fantasia

Most Likely to Break Up, Get Back Together, Break Up, etc.
Matteo Trovato and Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth


Most Likely to Go into Politics
Sirius Revlis

Most Likely to be on Reality TV
Strelen von Rosnete

Most Likely to Say Something Terrible and Think It's Funny
Eris Eternity

Most Likely to Wake Up on Cape Sable Island and Not Know How They Got There

Most Likely to Deny Your Facebook Friend Request
Itachi Lykoi

Least Likely to Find a Mate

Least Loyal
Matteo Trovato

Worst Workaholic
Ezekiel de le Poer

Biggest Attitude
Esmeralda Acidic

Biggest Coward
Dawali Amara

Biggest Softie
Claudius Aston

Most Gullible
Giselle Fantasia

Most Academic
Enkiel Lykoi

Most Delusional
Maska Ahote

Most Masculine Female

Most Feminine Male
Strelein von Rosenete