'Souls has had many players in 2011! It's the members of our game that makes it so awesome, so thank you very much for the great year, 'Souls! Here's to many, many more! ♥ ♥ ♥


Hiya, poppets! I'm still here, hanging around like a musty smell. Expect to see me stinking up these parts for a long time yet to come, too! Much love to you all, Soulsters :3


Hmm, what to say? I only joined souls towards the end of the year, but I've enjoyed my time here lots. I've met some awesome people on souls the last few months, and I'm looking forward to getting to know them better over the next year.


Oh man, what a hectic year, graduating from college. I’m still working all the time, I got engaged to the love of my life, and I lost my Role Playing virginity to ‘SOULSRPG’ this year. It’s been a good year guys.


What a lovely year! Lots of plots, drama and rp goodness :)



God, nearly a year of (off-and-on) activity... Its hard to believe that I've known 'Souls for this long, and I hope to get more involved in it for the coming years!


I’m awesome! Need I say more? It’s been a busy year for my characters, especially Ayasha. By the time she turned one, she’s been involved in a war, killed her first wolf, and found love (twice!).


At the end of last year, I returned with Kesho. This year has been a crazy one, and now I play Sage, Denver, and Aemon. I never thought I'd be playing 3 characters by the end of the year. I hope I can keep it up! I've had so much fun developing my characters this year! Thanks to everyone I've threaded with for putting up with me, and for all the awesome plots. <333


My first year rping! Fun!


LOL omg idefk. 'Souls chat...need I say more?


I love souls and all the people I have gotten to rp with. Shout out to nuki for being amazing on and off souls, to essence for dealing with my muse and Shannon(Noah) for showing me that I should never take people for granted. Micki..... enough said about this is my get away and i will be here for a long time.


I'm the one who keeps dying! D: In the last year, I've had Lucky Lili Lane, Daemon Argyris, and now Swentzle. Believe it or not, I've been coming back to this place since seems like such a long time! I just can't stay away from 'Souls, it's like the flame to my moth. <3


Sky, how the hell did you drag me down with you? Making me join such a soul-stealing site as this... it's your fault.


Wooo! Yet another year goes by for the inspiring drama-fest that is Souls :]


I think I met some of my favorite souls friends this year. Thank you guys <3


Don’t feed the parasprites!


This year has been really fun, i've met a load of awesome new people and have also developed my first layer of crustyness by having been part of souls for over a year now 8D go me!


Another year of sporadic posting, plotting, and hanging with the crazy 'Soulsters.

Katie D.

It's hard to believe another year has already gone by! I got to torture Anann a bit, and Cypress is finally starting to grow up! I finally got to kill of my first character :o Now for all the fun I have in store for next year!


Dude, all I can say is; I blame James! For everything <33


It's been a bumpy ride for me, trying to keep the ball rolling with uni and life in general, but I'm still here :) Looking forward to many, many more years of Souls. Everyone here is awesome! :)


Artwork by Tawny


This year has been both fun and hectic. first I was without a job and depressed but when I got a job and my own place all was well. Rejoining 'Souls helped relieve me depression and helped me get back into the Role Playing world. Thank you 'Souls and everyone in it!


Well this is the year that I have returned home to this wonderful place, I am adoring being back again, I have found some wonderful old friends and made some great new ones. I am just excited to start plotting and planning for next year!


Well This is My crazy face lol. I'm a dork who plays on Neopets at 21 and i am a crazy rper who is silly and trying to finish college.


Oh the drama! This year started out slowly, but after July it's been crazy. So many AniWayans to kill, so little time. I've also learnt a new word: knavery. Isn't that something?


This year has been a difficult one for me, but I've managed to stick by 'Souls anyway, through all of my hardships. I love this place - 70% of my free time is spent driving with my best friend (see picture! ;D), and the other 30% of it is spent on 'Souls! Hoping that next year is fantastic! <3


Oh I feel old. This year involved me transitioning from my longest-played character to the next generation of two of my super-involved families, and marked the first time I've played a puppy from birth to one year in tandem. I also got way too involved in researching things to improve my roleplaying, but I'm lame like that. :D


Guess who's back, back again, Natty's back, tell a friend. It's been a hell of time returning to 'Souls, I love you all, but especially you Nuki, Shannon, and J. <3 Best new friends EVARRRRR!


What a fun and eventful year! Full of all kinds of thrilling plots and intricate stories. We saw some amazing new characters rise, some old ones fall, and everything in between. There was laughter, there was love, there was bloodshed, and there was heartbreak. Here's to 2012, another year of weaving the crazy 'Souls web!


This year is really the first full year I've been a member at 'Souls. I have met so many awesome friends here, learned some great things, had some laughs, and hopefully helped out a few people here and there with anything they needed (be it money or advice). There's really nothing else I can say! 'Souls and its people are such a great, tight-knit family, and I love you bronies <3


Despite work and school getting in the way, I continued to play and love 'Souls. There are a lot of people here who I love to thread with and talk to, and that's what really makes this the best RPG in the world! :D *will always be remembered as a sap*


Holy crap, my first year (back) at 'Souls! I have Vesper and my amazing roleplaying buddies to thank for this year being so damn epic. From changing my main character into a pack luperci to creepishly stalking other players' plots, I had an amazing experience and just want to create more in the years to come.


Having been busy with college and taekwondo, I found it hard to be as active as I had been with Cwmfen. But of course I couldn’t stay away.


I'm having so much fun at 'Souls. I've nearly been here a year and I've had a plethora of characters. Sadly I've had to drop some of those due to that irritating thing called muse, but I still keep them at hand ready to play in an instant XD I can't wait for this next year, I'm betting it's goning to be ever more awesome than this one ^^


I just started RPing again this year after a three or four year hiatus, and you guys could not have made the transition easier. I can't wait for another year of plotting and madness with all of you. :)


... Hi. I lack a camera and I'm one of those newish players at 'Souls who seems questionable when it comes to activity. You know, one of those new players that the other players wonder if they are going to last. Um, I make pretty photo-manips? D:


I joined 'Souls at the end of 2010 and was very active for a long time. But you know how life gets in the way of things, I am done with 'Souls for now, because of no muse for it ): but I will surely be returning in the years to come, and hopefully will be picking Ookami & Mizu back up whenever I do come back, cause I love them to death! And I love 'Souls too, with all my heart. <33


I've had a wonderful year here! So many good plots & threads <3


Whatever happened, I'm blaming it on Nat..or maybe Nuki. But it wasn't me.




A few shout-outs: My musebunny, Mel: <3 I adore writing with you -- you are awesome; thank you for dealing with me forever. My dearest kjerringpupps kone Libri, jeg elsker deg for alltid, and all the other Norwegian confessions of eternal love I cannot yet say. My bahuga Alaine, it's wickedly fun leading together, and I'm so looking forward to more Salsola awesome. Kiriloveee, thank you for dealing with me, 4srs. PS: I will entice you to RP with me again. Promise. |: <3 Sylvey, dear, you're awesome and you should OWN it. Keep having so many awesome ideas, and thank you especially for sharing them with me! To everyone else I don't have room to specifically mention: thank you for making 'Souls awesome, and keep it UP, seriously! Ilu all! <3


Fff- Oh good god, where do I start!? 2011 was the most incredibly plot-twisty year for me since joining 'Souls. I've made some excellent friends, recruited my fair share of new members and caused more than my share of drama between characters and packs. I'd say a pretty good year for me. Next year's goals? Sky should have her own puppies with Tal, Teo needs to get rid of his little 'ex problem' and Gunnar needs to marry Fia. Oh yes, and a fourth character! :D


This year is really special because this year I found all you lovely people


So much to say! This marked my first full year at Souls and hopefully is the start to many more to come; I love everyone here and roleplaying and having fun here has been a blast! :D




2011 was pretty interesting! I got my characters into a few cool plots and managed to make Tayui pretty nuts. Of course, Hybrid will always be my crazy baby. c: I also broke the cutie (Claudius) and got to pick up a new cutie! The AniWaya plot was buckets of fun with two characters involved! I really enjoyed this last year at 'Souls and I am so excited for the next year.



It's always good coming back to my home on the net. (HERE'S TO TEN MORE YEARS ›:D) I love how many oldies are still around (or returning!) and that we've managed to snag some really awesome new people. C: I'm glad Barrett took off this year; I'd say he now ranks as one of my most successful characters of all time, right up there with Anselm (and I'm happy I get to mention the ol' boy indirectly in threads yet, too). All of my plots and threads with Barry have been a blast. I $pent way too much on art.