Casa di Cavalieri

Casa di Cavalieri Casa di Cavalieri got it's start in late October following the conclusion of the Aniwayan war. Although we are still young as a pack we have made some progress. Our initial goals have have been to strive towards building strong relations, not only within our pack itself, but with our neighbors as well. To help build relations within our fold we held our first pack event, Hunt-A-Palooza, which went over very well and strengthened new friendships among pack members and our Winter Solstice festival lead to our first mateship proposal!

Beyond our borders, CdC has made smaller strides, though not insignificant. While the pack has not yet created any solid alliances, a peace agreement was formed with Inferni. Furthermore many of our members, as well as the leaders, have worked towards pack relations individually with threeads spanning all packs. We are very proud of our success thus far and look forward to our first year together.

Anatoliy Russo

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Our struggles only are making us stronger.

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Anann Kelevra

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"I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul."
— William Ernest Henley

Dixie-may Jackson

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Hey there, cowboy...wanna go for a ride?

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Fia Marino-Knight

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Gunnar Donte LaStrange

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Mom was wrong. Love is real.

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Jazper Rhiannon-Knight

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I've been afraid of changing 'cause I built my life around you.

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Lorenzo Knight

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Ahh thank yee. Yer a pretty lass yerself

Wayne McCoy

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