2011 Yearbook

'Souls through the year
A summary of events

2011 is over, but here's to another great year of 'Souls fun!

We saw the creation of a number of new packs and even the merging of two! Welcome Salsola, Inchika no Ho-en, and Casa di Cavalieri, the packs of 2011! We also saw a lot of conflict between our existing packs with the tension between AniWaya, Cour des Miracles, and Crimson Dreams. It seems like the only one that's been keeping itself out of trouble is Cercatori d'Arte! ;) They've been trundling around 'Souls in their caravan trading goods and taking names.

OOCly, 'Souls has had an excellent year! We've maintained a pretty high membership count throughout, generally maintaining numbers well above 150, and sometimes in excess of 200. A long plot allowed numerous temporary characters to enter and exit the game, adding to the number of characters. We've gained quite a few active and awesome players this year, and hopefully, you guys continue to make 'Souls awesome until the next yearbook!

Major IC Events
Major OOC Events
  • A blizzard at the beginning of the year was the cause of much grief and destruction in numerous packs.
  • Two longtime packs of 'Souls, Dahlia de Mai and Phoenix Valley, combined forces to settle north of Halcyon Mountain.
  • The AniWayan Conflict involved three packs: AniWaya, Cour des Miracles, and Crimson Dreams in a fight that raged for four months. Many members were captured, imprisoned, and killed during the conflict and in the end, two AniWayan leaders were removed before peace was achieved.
  • A vicious coyote tried to kill the puppies of Inferni!
  • Three new packs joined us: Salsola, Ichika no Ho-en, and Casa di Cavalieri!
  • In March, a Viking invaded the 'SA ohnoes
  • Wider skins~
  • Two map expansions! We opened up the north to the old Bleeding Souls lands and in December, we also opened up a part of New Brunswick
  • In November, 'Souls become ten years old! Few RPGs can boast such a feat, but we've made it! Here's to another ten awesome years! We celebrated our birthday with cakes, party hats, and general revelry! Kiri drew some awesome art for the birthday skin header, which is also now featured on our index page.