Worst Enemies
Gabriel de le Poer and Haku Soul

Cutest Friendship
Haven Aatte and Heath morte dre Soul


Least Likely Friends
Gabriel de le Poer and Anu


Weirdest Couple
Alaine Winters and Gabriel de le Poer


Most Annoying
Amaranth Catori

Most Prudish
Tsukiko Shimazu

Most Honest
Haven Aatte

Most Innocent
Noir Aston

Sweetest Puppy
Artemis Marino

Puppy Most Likely to Grow Up to Kill You
Itachi Lykoi

Most Dramatic Death
Noir Aston

Least Likely to Survive Another Year
Hybrid Holocaust

Most Likely to Live Forever
Kaena Lykoi

Most Likely to Take Over the World
Naniko D'Angelo

Most Likely to Go Insane
Conor Soul

Most Likely to be Reincarnated as a Cat
Tsukiko Shimazu