2010 Yearbook

'Souls through the year
A summary of events

Welcome to the end of 2010! This has been a pretty interesting year, finishing it off with eight packs, two of which only formed in November and December! Whew! There was a big influx of members which facilitated the growth of two new packs. Some packs also had a few changes in leadership, most notably Cour des Miracles. Long-time member Vigilante Haskel took over as leader in the absence of the former King. In Dahlia de Mai, Conor Soul took over after chasing his father out of the pack.

We not only saw the beginning and end of the Second Dahlian War, but also the forging of new bonds between different packs, tribes, and clans. New heroes rose to the challenge and old villains were brought down. The events were well-documented on the 'Souls Wiki and now paints a pretty accurate picture of the history of 'Souls!

In Out of Character land, among many new skins, contests, a half dozen RP Guide updates, and the re-organization of OOC forums, one of the most notable change was the liberalization of the auxiliary characters. As a result, many members picked up secondary characters, bringing even more life to the forums and the game! 'Souls has grown tremendously over the last year, and we only see great things in its future!

Major IC Events
Major OOC Events
  • Second Dahlian War, from January until April of 2010 (X).
  • Dawali Amara and Jefferson Soul swap places as leaders of AniWaya and Phoenix Valley respectively, both as an April Fool's joke and a way to strengthen their pack's bonds! (XX).
  • Formation of Cercatori d'Arte (X).
  • Formation of Anathema (X).
  • Liberalization of second character rules (X).
  • Use of social media tools, expanding to Twitter and Formspring
  • Huge updates to the Roleplaying Guide to include a Species, Horse, Post-Apocalypse, Flora and Fauna, Health and Healing, and Traveling Guide (X).
  • Reorganization of information into forums and huge overhaul! (X)
  • The Word Filter Game drove everyone batty for a few weeks (X).