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2009 Yearbook

2009 has been a pretty stellar year for 'Souls! After the series of rocky events and changes the last few years have seen -- board changes, server and hosting changes, crazy drama, and territory and rule changes -- 2009 has been very steady in terms of both stability and growth. We have 28 more entries to the yearbook this year than last year, and surely this is the first time we've had six strong, stable packs! As 2009 turns into 2010, lots of folks are celebrating the end of a decade. This year, 'Souls turned eight. EIGHT YEARS OLD. That means in just two more years, we'll be celebrating our own decade. Ten years of 'Souls! How awesome is that gonna be?

In the meantime, here's our record of the previous year: the characters that have stayed on from the last, those that are new, and those that have come and gone again already. Here are their best and most memorable threads, and here are what crowns their peers have awarded them for their various shenanigans! Enjoy!