2008 Yearbook

It's the end of yet another awesome year, guys!

2008 saw a lot of really significant changes around 'Souls, particularly those implemented after our awesome April Fool's joke. We left our age old packs and territories behind and started more or less anew. 2008 also saw the revamp of the RP Guide and the addition of the Wiki. We like to think that those changes and updates were all for the better, and that everyone will be able to continue being involved as a result. After all, the whole point of the game is to come together and write stories and have adventures, right?

Compared to last year, there are almost twice as many entries in this year's yearbook! Because of the constant rise and fall of packs after the fire, the organization is a little haphazard, but everyone has still been included! A round of thanks for a great year, everyone. I have no doubts that 2009 will be even more awesome! :3

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