Clouded Tears

Ahren de le Poer
Clouded Tears, Spaher
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To correct a natural indifference I was placed half-way between misery and the sun. Misery kept me from believing that all was well under the sun, and the sun taught me that history wasn't everything.
Jasper de le Poer
Clouded Tears, Graduierter
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Go cry, Emo kid.

artwork © Kiri
Laruku Tears
Clouded Tears, Alpha Male
[Most Psychotic, Biggest Cynic]
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You cannot save me.
Luz Cresceno
Clouded Tears, Subordinate
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Her whole life is an epigram, smart, smooth, and neatly pen'd,
platted quite neat to catch applause with a sliding noose at the end. -- William Blake
Melisande Sadira
Clouded Tears, Subordinate
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Some day you'll know I was the one,
But tomorrow may rain so I'll follow the sun.
Rachias Tears de Ame
Clouded Tears, Puppy
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There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.